Avoid fires at home

a fire it can happen anytime and anywhere. And the causes can be varied, from lightning strikes, overloading or poorly made electrical installations, human failures, to simple child play or slight oversights.

Therefore, some measures must be taken to make the home safe from danger. They are simple precautions regarding the use of the stove, electrical equipment, cigarettes and guidelines on some habits that are able to minimize the risks of outbreaks of fire in the home.

And when it comes to this, the kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. A common mistake is to keep the gas cylinder indoors, but ideally to install it outside the residence. Remember to close the gas registry when not using and when leaving home.

Do not allow children to play with matches or have access to the stove and never leave the kitchen when a pan is in a fire.

Always keep the arms of the pot in the oven so that you cannot bump into them by accident. Another tip is always to keep curtains, tea towels, pots and any other items that may catch fire away from the stove.

If you smell gas when you get home, do not turn on the light or any flame as this may cause an explosion. Open doors and windows, air the house well. Then remove the cylinder to a ventilated place and call the gas distributor.

An important tip for prevent fires at home Do not leave electronic devices such as an iron and hairdryer plugged in after use or when you need to move away from them. Keeping appliances on without being around increases the risk of accidents with children, which can lead to fire.

In addition, it is also important to unplug the electronics when you spend many days away from home. This prevents electrical discharges caused by supply system problems or heavy rainfall from shorting out and damaging the devices.

Be careful not to plug multiple appliances at the same time into the same outlet using extension cord or benjamins, do not use frayed or bare wires in electrical installations, and run away from gambiarras. If you notice that the fuses are blown or the switches are blown, hire an electrician to check the electrical system.

Prefer to use masking tape to fix the electrical wires to the wall or floor. Avoid nails and staples, they can cause shocks in addition to fires. Also avoid running under carpets or rugs, as they may break abruptly.

Cigarette is also a major cause of fire. For this reason, smokers should keep an eye on various situations, such as using dumpsters such as ashtrays, throwing cigarette butts out the window or leaving them on tables, cabinets and shelves. Another dangerous situation is smoking while handling cleaning and flammable products. The warning also applies to sleeping and bed smoking, which increases the risk of fire accidents at home.

Precautions to prevent residential fires also apply at the time of cleaning. Although they pose risks, alcohol, kerosene, gasoline and solvents are common in cleaning Brazilian homes. The ideal, especially for those with children at home, is to prefer non-flammable cleaning products.

Safety Tips - Preventing Fires in the Home (April 2021)

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