Avoid sagging neck

Wrinkles and fine lines are the number one enemy of women over 30. At this age, treatment sessions and preventive actions begin on the face, but it is not just the eye and mouth regions that show the first signs of aging, the neck can also denounce a woman's age.

The "double chin", as the flaccidity in the neck, is a feature of chronological aging. Even so, it can be prevented by aesthetic treatments, facial gymnastics, the use of creams with firming and rejuvenating properties and, of course, a routine with healthy habits.

? Generally, sagging appears after age 35 and leaves the skin looking "drooping", soft. Since this is a problem that reaches the All skin types, one should not expect the signs of aging. The ideal is to start taking care of the skin always, using sunscreen, for example? Warns dermatologist Paulo Borges.

Tips to prevent sagging neck


At vitamins A, C and E They stimulate cell renewal, have antioxidant properties, which are able to counteract damage caused by the effects of the skin's natural oxidation process, and can lighten sun spots.

You can find these vitamins in fruits like pineapple, orange and guava, and in vegetables like arugula, carrots and kale.

Facial Gymnastics

Doing gymnastics is also important for the muscles and for the face skin. Recommended for people of all ages, facial exercises relax facial expression, eliminate tension and strengthen muscles because they increase cell metabolism, oxygenation and blood circulation, which activates collagen production.

Learn the step by step of an exercise that can make your skin look lighter:

  • Bring your hands around your neck and gently press your skin;
  • Stretch your lips in an exaggerated manner, as if kissing the mirror. This exercise forces the corners of the mouth and relaxes the center. Continue until you feel tingling;
  • Relax your lips slowly. Smile and then break the smile 5 times.

Fractional Laser

If the flab is advanced, there is no point in preventing it, the best solution is to remedy it. To decrease the soft appearance of the neck, it is possible to resort to fractional CO2 laser, which can help the formation of collagen, which sustains the skin. Before considering the possibility of opting for this treatment, you should consult a dermatologist who can verify the need.

It is important to remember that genetic aspects can also generate sagging. For this reason, those who already have cases in the family, should redouble attention with the skin.

How to tighten your neck skin| Dr Dray (April 2021)

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