Avoiding Injury While Cleaning

Keeping the house clean and in order is a necessity. But to tell you the truth, you get tired and can even hurt. In performing the housework, the woman spends joint energy, which has to do with physical exertion, not necessarily the loss of calories, so she gets exhausted. However, if the activities are done right, there will be a willingness to go out with friends or enjoy the family. The same rule applies to muscle aches, doing correctly, housewives do not hurt themselves.

Do you experience pain and excessive tiredness after weekly cleaning? It's probably because you're working with body posture wrong. A good alternative to avoid pain and excessive tiredness is to divide the tasks. For example, a day to take care of the household, another day to clean the rooms and so on ?, recommends occupational therapist Ana Lúcia Barbosa Alves.

Do not choose between cleaning the house or shopping at the mall and get rid of post-cleaning muscle pain. Write down the tips and devote your time to what you like best.

Stand upright

When ironing or doing dishes, tasks that require a woman to stand for a long time, use a footrest, always alternating between right and left. This support should be 5 cm and be used as follows: Support one leg under the footrest in an upright position. The leg that is not supported is the one that will support the body. Therefore, weight cannot be shifted on the supported leg by bending the waist to the side.

To put or remove clothes from the washing machine, lower yourself while keeping the column upright. That is, flex your legs and lower yourself.

As you sweep the house, remember that the spine should be in an upright position. Avoid bending over and keep the cable close to your body. But how do I clean under furniture or in the corners of rooms? If necessary, extend the broom handle.

When handling pans and food, keep the handle aligned with the forearm.

Do not stretch? too much

When vacuuming the house, use the vacuum cord extender so you don't have to bend the column.

The best way to clean glass and tiles is to climb a ladder or use accessories with long cables. The recommendation is to accomplish the task and keep your hands at shoulder level.

If you are going to pick up objects or extend clothes, do not stretch your arms as far as you can. Climb on a ladder, chair or stool. To extend clothes, ideally you should be able to lower the clothesline to shoulder height.

?Sit a while in the interval between one activity and another. If the task requires you to stand for a long time, take a break and sit down.

So that muscle aches or injuries do not torment you, "just adopt practices to improve posture during daily activities," recommends Dr. Ana Lúcia.

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