Bad smelling spray promises weight loss

That urge to gobble up a chocolate or mug the fridge at night may be days gone by thanks to a spray that promises to train your brain to avoid untimely snacks. The product costs $ 29.00 and the packaging says it is a bad smell to aid weight loss.

The idea is to use the spray in the cupboard where your favorite snacks, sweets and cookies are stored. So when you open the cupboard for a treat, the bad smell of the spray will lessen your desire to eat.

In order to separate the effect of aroma on bite size and other food-related sensations, researchers from the Netherlands developed a system in which a dessert was eaten while different aromas were simultaneously presented to participants. The results showed that the stronger the smell, the smaller the bite. This study suggests that manipulating food aroma reduces food intake by 5 to 10 percent.

The product was created by Alex Fontaine, who realized that if he could develop a useful air thruster to replicate the appetite-suppressing experience wherever he was, he would surely lose weight. There were 18 months of testing, working with experts in odor creation, manufacturing and eating behavior. During this period, Alex lost 10 kg.

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Via Daily Mail

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