Ballet is a great choice to get your body in shape

Many people want to be fit, but there is not always the mood to face the traditional gym workout. The good news is that there are different ways to work the body, just look for one that has more to do with your style.

A great option for those who do not adapt to traditional activities is ballet. Classes put people on the axis, teaches them to know their body better, to put themselves in the right posture and to breathe. The secret is to use body weight to your advantage and enjoy the pleasure that lightness provides. In a sweet way, the ballet leaves stress outside the room and makes the students' bodies reach unlikely and surprising positions? .

The list of benefits to the body is huge. Ballet movements stiffen the belly, straighten the spine and line the shoulders. The legs and arms are worked to the fullest as well.

This is because the abdomen is one of the centers of force in the body and is therefore very much required while performing the postures. The muscles are well defined but elongated. The result is completely different from the one who usually exaggerates in bodybuilding? Says Pat.

The leaps and turns of the ballet are also responsible for burning many calories. In ballet the body shapes become more harmonious and elegant. There are three basic fundamentals: awareness of the body, breathing and dynamics. The body alone is nothing, in ballet we work concentration, balance, spatial relationship, relationship with others and body communication. Another advantage of ballet is that there is no unheated class. Therefore the number of injuries is minimal.

She says the sooner you start practicing the better. But there is no age limit to begin with, and that goes for anyone, even those who have never done any kind of dance. "You just can't become a professional dancer, of course, but the results are great, just respect the limitations," he says. Twice a week is enough to see the results.

In addition to all the benefits to the body, ballet is also an alternative to relax from the stresses of everyday life. • In ballet, the relationship with others in a classroom is fundamental and part of the discipline. The life we ​​lead today is more stressful than before. And in class, with classical music, everyone forgets a little about home and work problems. In addition to relaxing, exercise stimulates concentration because keeping the movement sequences is excellent for the brain. We left the ballet room relaxed and light as a feather ?, concludes dancer Pat Sauer.

Videos: Ballet Stretching

See below for stretching and warming up in ballet classes? This preparation is essential to avoid injury while performing dance movements.

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