Be a priority in your own life

How many times do we stop to think about our lives, the dreams we have never fulfilled, the desire to rest, the much-deserved vacation? As a child we have been learning to take responsibility gradually for a number of things, from making bed in the morning, to taking on responsibilities, which school and family life are presenting us.

Religion also teaches us always to take care of others, to do good, and we grow up hearing that the best way is always to look at our partner, children, parents, brothers, friends. This process is extremely important, because through exchange relationships, we are establishing our identity, learning to live in society, and strengthening ourselves as human beings.

But we end up using all our energy in order to always supply the desire of the other, sometimes the work occupies this space, causing an intense balance.

On the other hand, I see tired, stressed and very unhappy people, and most of the time do not see themselves as responsible for finding themselves so discouraged.

I realize that the messages we have been receiving since we were young are extremely important, but most of the time they forget to teach us how to importance of looking at ourselves, to learn to take care of ourselves. All of this, combined with the responsibilities we assume, is taking on a very large proportion, and it doesn't take long before we start to feel tired, suffocated, longing for quiet moments.

When we suggest people take a day of the week to have a massage, read a book, go to the gym, the answer is always the same: I don't have time! Not enough energy left to try a new venture, the house turns out to be the best place to return to, the comfort zone, which actually turns out to be another place where endless tasks are to be done.

We realize that not even the increase in stress-related diseases These are enough reasons to slow our work, leading to a real change in lifestyle.

At times we come to think that life is so intense that we live day after day, every day the same, from home to work, from work to home, the market, the bank, the children's school.

This is the time to stop and look for solutions to change this situation, and learn to select priorities, in which case, you are the priority, the main actor of your life. Get behind the scenes and really live the role of taking care of yourself.

At first you may feel a little insecure, selfish, but over time you will experience the pleasure of giving yourself a day, or a few hours just to take care of yourself, even if you are doing nothing, the important thing is a few moments of your own.

So when you start taking action that reveals your care for your desire, it will become clear that everything else will be lighter, and you can enjoy all the other responsibilities with pleasure, more enthusiasm, and energy. After all, these changes can only start from oneself, providing happiness and well-being.

Being a priority in your own life is A MUST! (April 2021)

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