Beach House Decoration

Living in a tropical country with a coastal strip full of lush landscapes such as Brazil is quite an invitation to plan to acquire a Beach house. And as the place will serve for moments of leisure and rest, it needs to be special. Using the right objects and materials can make a difference in decorating the beach house. Check out our tips.

Gone are the days when beach house decoration It was synonymous with motives such as shells, mermaids, and the like. However, light colors are key. Shades of blue and green are always good color choices for beach house decorationbecause they resemble the sea. White and beige are also perfect for discreet decor.

When choosing fabrics to cover sofas and armchairs, it is important to take into account the heat and the sea air. It is best to use materials that do not spoil with moisture and are easy to clean and maintain. Waterproofing treatment is also essential to preserve tissues.

THE Beach house needs to be airy and bright. Therefore, use light and transparent fabrics on the curtains, so the environments will be sunny.

It is practically impossible to prevent moisture from the air mixed with the salt spray, so avoid iron furniture that rusts easily. Give preference to plastic or wood.

For flooring, use materials that are easy to clean. Bet on the pottery, which makes up this kind of environment well.

In the external area of Beach house, the balcony should receive special attention. Scattered hammocks and vibrantly colored walls make the atmosphere more cheerful and cozy. The furniture can be made of wood, with a good layer of nautical varnish for durability, or of synthetic fiber, a material that withstands the marine climate longer.

Near the pool, place tables with parasols. The recreation area must have a non-slip floor to prevent accidents.

INTERIOR DESIGN | Tips to Decorate in a Coastal Design Style (April 2021)

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