Beauty and self-esteem

We live in a country where there are beautiful women, but with different bodies. We are talking about physical sizes of the most varied: tall and thin women, tall and fat, thin and short, apple or pear body.

Even with the wide diversity of female bodies, factories create generic clothing. There are so many variations in height and weight that it is impossible to feel comfortable within a single size or even smaller sizes.

We watch fashion shows, we see in the shop windows wonderful clothes that will only fit well on slim bodies. This frustrates, irritates, causes depression in many women because they feel different, inadequate, fat, when in fact they are beautiful, with feminine shapes and curves.

We are exposed and vulnerable to the culture of the beautiful, thin body, which is represented by our interaction with the environment, forcing us to constantly evaluate how we are, our ways. The social demand pressures us to go in search of this perfect body, creating a desire, an unbridled and unrealistic search for the ideal body.

In general, the low self esteem It can cause a number of emotional difficulties, as each person has a subjective assessment of himself that can be positive or negative. A relationship of intimacy, of being able to believe in your potentiality, your personal value, to believe and trust in yourself.

However, most of the time, we develop a low esteem, which makes us insecure, with feelings of disability, worthlessness. Everything we do is a result of what we believe to be, so self-knowledge is of fundamental importance to increase self esteem.

Thus, trusting in yourself, listening to your intuition, believing in your inner voice, respecting your limits, recognizing your values, expressing your feelings without fear, feeling competent, capable and becoming independent of others' approval makes you our self-esteem rises. However, this is a gradual process that requires work and awareness.

THE Psychotherapy It is a fundamental process in this context, being conducted by a psychologist who will develop a work that aims to broaden one's awareness of oneself, learning from one's symptoms and developing as a person. It is an effective tool for working on behavioral patterns, personality aspects and functioning that do not benefit you in your personal or professional life.

Beauty and Self Esteem Documentary (April 2021)

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