Beauty Color and Claudia Leitte launch nail polish collection

Among sparkling and creamy, the new Beauty Color nail polishes bring in their colors the translation of the rhythm and personality of the Brazilian, signed by Claudia Leitte. The collection has 12 shades that according to the singer, represent the plurality, the mix of roots and emotions, and the female universe in relation to art, fashion, music and color.

The different nuances that reflect the joy of carnival are named after the artist's successes, they are: The Masks? sparkling light pink; Kiss on the mouth ? vibrant red; Welcome love ? light green; Sweet Passion ? dark pink; Elixir? shimmering brown; Exttravasa? sparkling dark blue; Famo $ a? sparkling nude; Largadinho? sparkling light yellow; Locomotion Batucada? sparkling greenish blue; Birds? sky blue; Sambah? sparkling orange and see you sea? sparkling green.

The product is not yet for sale, but it appears that it may soon be found for the suggested price of $ 1.99. The partnership is part of the company's project with female icons that inspire women, according to Fabrício Bonin, CEO of Beauty Color.

Adding the well-known quality of the brand nail polish, with good coverage and finish, is waiting for the launch that should be soon, to be carried away by the intense and national colors. And while the collection does not come, Beauty Color has launched a promotion to compete for a visit to the singer's dressing rooms in full carnival, with the right to accompany. The cultural contest has as its theme the 12 hits of the singer which are also the colors of the nail polish.

With the ingredients that make the Brazilian unique, the collection bets on the vibrant climate of the carnival to? Exttravasar? with the catchy rhythm of Claudia Leitte.

Giovanna Antonelli Parfums (August 2020)

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