Benefits of dance for body and mind

There are those who do not like to dance, is not it? There are people who don't care about someone else's eyes and dance without shame wherever they are. But there are also those who prefer to risk a few steps when alone at home, in front of the mirror. No matter the way you choose to? Shake? the body, the only recommendation is that the dance really be part of the daily routine. This practice brings benefits to body and mind.

If you are not available to go to a gym or do not like to work out, you can choose to do physical exercises from choreography to your favorite songs. When making body movements to dance, a person interferes with heart rate, skeletal muscles and joints and thus may lose weight.

It is estimated that in an hour of dance it is possible to spend an average of 300 to 400 calories. And the best is that all dance types they have that potential no matter if it's ballroom, jazz, ballet, pagoda or contemporary music. The intensity of the movements can make a person spend even more calories. At specialized academies, you can find professionals to indicate the best activity for each student.

In addition to doing good for the body, dance is good for the mind. Dancing releases endorphin, the famous and well-known substance of pleasure. Note that there is not one person who is not happy and happy when practicing choreography. So this is an exercise that connects body and mind ?, explains psychologist Vivian Mendes.

Those who practice this pleasant activity agree with the expert. “What fascinates me most about dance is the ease with which it is possible to empty the mind. We only think about the movements and the music. I don't feel any stress or other annoyance while dancing or cryo. Does dance work on health, agility, social presence, mind and physical aesthetics ?, says eternal teacher and admirer of dance Giovana Grassi Salles.

Dance is also a therapy for the soul. Rhythms that appeal most to sensuality can raise a woman's self-esteem, as well as men's. In addition, the activity promotes interaction between people, which can reduce shyness, and even more willingness to face the activities and problems of everyday life. "Dance changes a person's routine a lot," concludes psychologist Vivian Mendes.

Benefits of Dancing Tango For A Healthy Mind & Body (April 2021)

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