Benefits of Granola Yogurt

Ice cream, creamy and totally nutritious, the mixture of granola yogurt It is an option for those who want to ensure a healthy life and bring various benefits to the human body.

It's a way to make the menu much tastier, because the combination with the natural yogurt ensures more flavor to the diet. Remember that this mixture is also a good option when blended with milk and fruits.

Normally, granola is produced by mixing roasted cereals such as oats, rice, wheat, corn and rye. They are mixed with honey and fruits such as raisins, apple flakes and nuts. "They have antioxidant elements that help the skin," says Eduardo.

According to nutritionist Paulo Eduardo, yogurt also helps in the production of antibodies, coupled with granola, strengthens the immune system. ? Currently there are brands of granolas that is not added sugar, which also helps for those who should consume light foods ?, comments.

Grains also bring benefits to the human body in general as they have several vitamins in a single portion. "It is much better to eat granola with yogurt or fruit, for example, than breakfast cereals, because they have a greater variety of grains and consequently a greater variety of vitamins and benefits to the body," he says.

It does not stop there. The mixture provides bone and nervous system strengthening. Yogurt itself contains vitamin A which is responsible for improving the health of skin, nails and even hair fortification. Allied to a balanced diet rich in a healthy diet brings intense reflexes to health ?, says Eduardo.

For those with bowel problems, yogurt with granola also has fundamental importance, as it also favors intestinal transit. "It is also suitable for those suffering from constipation, because grains help significantly", comments the nutritionist.

And is there a contraindication? No. Except for those who are a little overweight. "Like everything you want to add to your daily diet, you need to ask your trusted dietitian or specialist how best to include it on the menu so that the opposite effect doesn't happen," explains Eduardo. .

The addition of granola Creamy vitamins, called smoothies, are also a good option, as these vitamins alone guarantee quality of life and a totally healthy day-to-day menu.?As smoothies are made from fruits, one can choose you like best and add the granola. For those who are a little overweight, first of all, you need to consult the nutritionist to check what is the necessary and ideal amount for your body ?, concludes Eduardo.

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