Bicolor Looks

The tendency of bicolor looks has gained strength and promises to be in evidence in the coming season. Soon, bicolor compositions could be seen on the international catwalks of the brand Gucci, Prada and Stella McCartney, among others. On the streets around the world, the trend has taken hold, as well as the productions of famous women and celebrities.

However, the fashion of bicolor looks starts with the black and white mix eternalized by Coco Chanel, and then, in sequence, began the tone-by-tone trend, pastel nuances, and the vibrant fever of color blocking. Therefore, the classic combination of black and white ensures a stylish and sophisticated look when combined with the touch of shoes in bold colors.

However, the bicolor look It is a viable option for highlighting desirable volumes and hiding undesirable ones: light colors for the highlights of the body, and dark colors for places where you least want to highlight. However, for classic and sober productions, the lightness of the look must be maintained. Nude shoes are key elements to counteract part of the look, focusing only on clothes in an elegant and accurate way.

Opt for neutral colors mixed with the most vivid shades such as green, orange, blue and red. Productions coordinated with this color mix can be used during the day as well as at night events. So choose body-fitting pieces, such as tube tops, pencil skirts, tulip skirts, thin geometric t-shirts, peplum skirts and demarcated waist dresses.

To blend vibrant shades together without making gaffes, invest in colors that blend smoothly for a sharp visual contrast while retaining color balance and richness. That is, go from blue to green, from red to orange, as well as from red to purple, from yellow to orange, and finally from yellow to green.

If you prefer light nuances, choose pastel shades mixed with dark colors. The Prada brand created productions combining these elements, and as a result, paraded harmonic and sophisticated looks, ideal for use in everyday and in the workplace. Invest in lighter garments such as pleated, draped, evasese, godet skirts and make up your look with thin tank tops or sophisticated fabric shirts. The clear piece, however, must be the lightest and most fluid.

For festive events, focus on blending neutral and vivid tones. Invest in long, mid-length dresses, slits and low-waisted fluids. However, the black and white tones combine together to result in sophisticated compositions allied, with one or the other, to the metallic effect. Break the sobriety of the look with vibrant accessories and dare using red lipstick.

Choose pastel shades mixed with dark colors for harmonious and sophisticated looks, ideal for everyday use.

To blend vibrant tones with each other without making gaffes, invest in colors that blend smoothly.

The classic combination of black and white ensures a sleek and sophisticated look.

Prada, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Gucci.

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