Big chop: 55 photos and everything you need to know before you cut

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More than just a haircut, the big chop is a unique moment for those going through the hair transition, as it removes all the chemistry with the hair to let the natural grow. You have to be sure of the big chop because it is a complex process that results in a radical change in look.

To learn more about and encourage yourself, check out what the big chop is, plus 55 inspiring photos and heartfelt and exciting videos to identify with.

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What is big chop?

The term big chop comes from English and in its literal translation means "big cut". According to Daniella Michayene, a specialist in curly hair, the big chop is the cut made when it is decided to abandon the chemistry in the hair to let the natural hair grow.

The big chop, according to the hairdresser, is a very personal decision as it is a radical change in appearance. Many women have spent years and years straightening their locks, so it's a complex process until they recognize their natural strands and can see themselves with different hair.

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Daniella comments that there are other reasons that lead to the big chop, such as: not wanting to deal with two very different textures during the hair transition, or because the hair went through a very aggressive process and eventually resulted in chemical cutting, or because the person wants to take on natural hair and abandon chemistry for good.

It is very important to respect the choice of who is in the hair transition and is thinking about the moment of the big chop. According to the expert, "it is a cut with a strong emotional load", because our hair is more than just a vanity, is also linked to self-esteem and "tells us a lot about who we are." So before making the final decision, talk to your hairdresser and discuss if you are prepared to change your look.

55 inspiring photos for your transformation

As you have seen, the big chop is more than a haircut. To inspire and encourage you, we have selected 55 photos for you to choose a powerful one to make in your locks. Check out:

1. Big chop renews wires that have gone through chemistry

2. Can be made in curly

3. And in the frizzy

4. If you are in transition for a short time, the cut will be short

5. You can expect your natural hair to grow.

6. To keep longer length after change

7. Although this transformation is common in curly hair

8. Big chop can be done on wavy hair

9. Cutting consists of removing the smoothed tips

10. And take on your natural hair!

11. This look is powerful

12. And full of attitude

13. In addition to match any age

14. Big chop in curly hair yields classic cuts

15. And others very short and stylish

16. If you are used to long locks, it will be a big transformation

17. So make sure you do the big chop

18. There are the delicate shorties

19. And other very modern ones

20. If you want you can complement with an accessory

21. Cut and do not know what to do? Be inspired by this look!

22. Big Chop Hairstyles Are Powerful

23. The side locks are a charm

24. What do you think?

25. You can keep the bangs

26. Or think of an original cut

27. The big chop in hair 2b is a hit

28. And in this kind of thread, the cuts are usually modest

29. But nothing stops you from investing in short hair

30. This technique is not limited by your type of wire.

31. Big hair chop 3b, for example, is a hit

32. And in 4c too

33. Cut marks the end of the hair transition

34. This is a special moment for those who will take on natural hair for the first time.

35. And it's up to you when the big chop will happen

36. May be when the wires are still short

37. And it's okay to let them grow a little for you to cut

38. After all the hair is yours!

39. And you have the right to choose when to finish the transition.

40. Think of a length that will make you comfortable

41. This cut is still feminine

42. Earrings and accessories stand out with this cut

43. Really bad, right?

44. Look what a powerful look!

45. And there is no shortage of inspirations for the delicate

46. ​​The big chop is more than aesthetic

47. Since hair is part of our identity

48. And also of self-acceptance

49. With the big chop, your hair will be free of straightening

50. And you will feel free to flaunt your natural hair

51. But before making the final decision?

52Choose a length that you will feel safe

53. Can be very short and full of attitude

54. Or a little longer

55. What counts is to be sure of the big chop and feel powerful with your hair!

Did you find any big chop that is your face? There are plenty of cuts to choose from that will make you feel good and match your style!

Videos for you to know more about the big chop

The moment of the big chop is complex and delicate and just inspiring photos are not enough to make that decision. Check out some videos of how the cut is made and the testimonials of those who have gone through the hair transition.

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Big chop after 9 months of transition

See this home made big chop after 9 months of hair transition. The video is exciting as it marks the end of the transition to a whole new look. The statement about the result is sincere and detailed.

Big chop? end of hair transition

This video shows us the moment of Dani's big chop, which is at the end of the hair transition. In addition to cutting and results, see a conversation about the importance of hair in our identity and about self-acceptance and our insecurities.

Big chop in wavy hair

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Those with wavy hair can also go through chemical to make it smooth and less bulky. If you want to give your hair a break and take it as it is, check out this video from blogger Bruna Vieira. She shows us the results of the transformation and how she felt about the new look.

Big chop 1 year

This video shows us the moment of the big chop after a year of transition. Since the hair had been without chemistry for a long time, it was possible to keep the natural strands longer. Check the results and see how you can make the cut yourself.

How to make a big chop?

And if you're determined to do the big chop, check out a hair stylist's tips on how to make the cut. Remembering that you can cut the chemical part at home and go to the salon to hit it.

The reality that doesn't tell you after the big chop

This is a very honest statement about the results after the big chop. Cindy Britto tells us of her experiences stating that she has no regrets, but it is a complex phase, so be sure to cut. Youtuber says that not everything is flowers, but it's a liberating moment.

Big chop: regrets?

This video proves that the timing of the big chop is delicate and you need to be sure of the cut. Barbara Cavalcante tells about her experience of hair transition and raises questions about femininity, how society imposes the look of women and states that the moment of the big chop is more than just a haircut.

The videos help you identify with women who have gone through the hair transition, and bring heartfelt and encouraging messages about the big chop.

Big chop is a complex and delicate process, and the inspirations and videos show us that our hair is beyond vanity. Remember that it's up to you to choose what to do with your wires and it's free to decide when the big chop will happen. And if you've made your decision, rock the new look!

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