Bodybuilding for women

Some time ago, it was not very common to see women in bodybuilding. Some misconceptions, such as bodybuilding makes the body masculinized, curvy, and overly large, led women away from gyms.

But that has changed. More and more women are becoming aware that it is possible to practice bodybuilding and maintain a delicate and very feminine silhouette. The secret is not to overdo it. When practiced correctly and with proper guidance, the female bodybuilding It can bring many benefits.

THE female bodybuilding helps to lose weight and burn fat, in a light bodybuilding workout it is possible to eliminate about 300 calories.

The practice of exercises still tones the muscles, combats sagging, helps the body to gain more defined shapes and improves posture.

With the bodybuilding practice There is increased lean mass and increased ability of the body to burn body fat.

Bodybuilding also helps lower cholesterol and improve blood flow and is a great ally in fighting osteoporosis. Exercise makes bones absorb calcium better and become more resilient.

Eliminate doubts about female bodybuilding

One of women's fears about adhering to bodybuilding is getting fatter. Muscle and fat are different tissues. The muscle is denser and firmer, while fat is a soft, shapeless tissue. Purchase muscles leaves the shapes well defined and modifies the body, but does not mean gaining weight.

And don't despair, the bodybuilding for women It will not turn it into a mountain of muscle. Women generally do not produce a significant amount of the hormone testosterone, which prevents the high degree of muscle development. Weightlifters do not get extremely muscular body by chance, to achieve the same result requires an intense training routine.

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