Book Tattoo: 75 Options for a Good Story


If you love reading a good story, tagging your skin with a beautiful book tattoo can be a great way to show your passion for reading. That's why we've made a selection of dozens of designs to inspire you. Check out!

1. Books make us live many adventures

2. And the habit of reading fills our lives with knowledge

3. If you love reading and knowing various adventures

4. How about marking your skin with a beautiful book tattoo ?!

5. Reading makes us travel to many places

6. And open doors for us to know the world

7. There are many book tattoo options to choose from.

8. A good tip is to draw from your favorite work.

9. Look what a creative idea this book tattoo on the head!

10. You can make a combination with books and flowers.

11. With cups of coffee

12. Or even constellations

13. Too many ideas to explore!

14. Your drawing may have colorful details.

15. Or squander simplicity

16. You can tattoo only one book

17. Or a stack with several of them

18. You may prefer a watercolor book tattoo

19. Or in the traditional Old School style

20. Anyway?

21. The result will be amazing

22. Believe it!

23. You can tattoo your drawing near your wrist

24. In one arm

25. Or even in the thigh

26. In addition, they can be large

27. Or small

28. At any size you will get an amazing result!

29. Add other elements along with the books.

30. Here the crow represents a famous work by Edgar Allan Poe

31. The flowers add a touch of delicacy.

32. And make the designs even more beautiful

33. A much sought after version is book and coffee tattooing.

34. After all, who doesn't love to enjoy a delicious hot drink reading a story ?!

35. There are options with black dashes only

36. Others with many colors

37. And yet others that blend the best of both worlds

38. Reading Inspires Our Creativity

39. Therefore, original ideas will not fail!

40. The small book tattoo is charming too

41. And exudes charm!

42. There are several tattoo options for teachers.

43. That can perfectly express the passion for teaching

44. Reading is like food for the mind.

45. And set us free from ignorance

46. ​​This flying book tattoo masterfully illustrates this freedom.

47. How many adventures have you lived through a literary work?

48.? So many books, so little time ??

49. How about uniting your passion for books with your love of coffee?

50. Or, all the affection for your pet? ?

51. Let the imagination flow?

52. And create a unique design with the help of your tattoo artist.

53. Too Many Ideas to Explore

54. From the very large drawings

55. And full of details

56. Even the simplest

57. Look how amazing this idea!

58. Books Are Real Amulets

59. And provide us with a variety of emotions.

60. Be black

61. Or colorful

62. Book tattooing will fill your skin with beauty

63. Are you one of those who dives headfirst into the readings?

64. Look at this love-filled drawing!

65. A lot of delicacy and charm in a single design

66. How good it would be if the books were born on trees!

67. Harry Potter fans will love this idea!

68. Whatever your style

69. If You Are a Reading Lover

70. Is There a Perfect Book Tattoo to Mark Your Skin

71. Choose Your Favorite Idea

72. Talk to a trusted professional

73. And together, draw the design that suits you best.

74. Then just set the date of the session

75. And scratch the skin!

So, what did you think of the ideas we selected? Now, just talk to your tattoo artist and arrange to get your tattoo!

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