Botox against migraine

The National Health Surveillance Agency recently released the botulinum toxin application, commercially known as botox, in some regions of the head to reduce the discomfort caused by the migraine.

O migraine treatment with botox It is indicated for people who have more than 15 days of migraine per month for more than four hours per day for 3 consecutive months. chronic migraine. Contraindications include people allergic to botox, people with muscle joint disease, people with infections anywhere in the body and pregnant women.

The treatment should be done in the office, never in an aesthetic clinic and should be accompanied by a neurologist. The product is applied to the temples (region between the eye and the ear), the neck and the cervical spine.

Side effects are change in muscles, pain, allergy and the eyelids may fall. But these effects are reversible. The positive effects of the application start to appear 15 days after treatment and can result in up to six months without migraine. The application may need renewal every six months, but to know which period is indicated, it is important to consult the neurologist.

THE Botox application against migraine uses two ampoules that cost about $ 900 each. Also, it is necessary to pay for the application, but some health plans already cover this treatment.

Botox for Migraines at Mercy (April 2021)

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