Bricks for brunettes: Wonderful tips, inspirations, and tutorials

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Brushes for brunettes may have been taboo for a long time, but nowadays they are one of the biggest trends in the beauty world. Influencers, bloggers and celebrities have adopted this look and are inspiring a lot of people out there.

With that in mind, we have prepared a list of photos to inspire you and plan your locks. There are many styles, models and techniques that will make you fall in love. Also, you will still learn how to do your wisps at home. Come with us!

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45 photos of bricks for brunettes to inspire you

Not sure which style to wear on your locks? Whether it's a more classic model or something bolder? Do not worry! Check out a range of amazing brilliance inspirations for brunettes:

1. The locks make the face brighter

2. There is the option of dark strands for brunettes

3. Light brushes for brunettes can also work very well

4. How about making the dots clearer?

5. Brunettes can also bet on platinum strands

6. The strands for brunettes and black women are amazing!

7. Wicks match the diva look a lot

8. Hazelnut tones are on the rise

9. Curls for Short Curly Hair Brunettes

10. Another model of short hair strands

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11. An enlightened hair is a dream, isn't it?

12. Shades of red are options for more discreet lighting.

13. Honey shades are also a great choice.

14. The caramel strands match the brunettes very well

15. And give the constant feel of a beach hair

16. Lighter strands to brighten hair

17. Platinum we love

18. Curls for Curly Brunettes: A Perfection

19. Wicks on some wires to light up

20. Or on most curls to turn blonde at once

21. The bricks for brunettes are up in 2019

22. And allow you to preserve your root

23. Long hair strands look perfect

24. One more inspiration of long hair strands

25. Two trends for 2019: wisps and bangs

26. You can choose for a few strands and darker tones

27. And even the most sober streaks for the most straightforward

28. Wicks for enlightened brunettes: Can you not love?

29. With waves, wisps become more prominent

30. And your face gets an extra glow

31. Black and dark strands can be of various shades

32. An illuminated big hair is everything!

33. Enlightened Hair: A Trend We Love

34. Brown highlights are also part of the trend of the year.

35. This inspiration is for medium hair

36. A trend-cut, lighted cut to give hair a life

37. Copper Tones in Lighted Brunettes

38. Have you surrendered to style?

39. We surrender: streaks for brunettes are perfect!

40. Whatever tone you choose

41. Or the amount of wicks

42. You can dare or maintain discretion

43. The important thing is to feel beautiful and happy

44. Brunettes are on the rise and have become fashionable

45. An incredible trend, isn't it?

With these photos, you already have an idea how perfect streaks can look! Now it's time to pick the tone that suits you and rock it.

How to make bricks on brunettes

Now that you know what style you are going to adopt on your locks, how about learning to do them at home? Check out four tutorials with different bricks techniques for brunettes:

Shoulder hair, lighted brunette and gold shoulder

The tutorial is more about stripping someone else and gives very professional tips. The video teaches the application of bleaching, brushing and toning hair.

Illuminated brunette: streaks in the cap

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In the video, Lu Candeias teaches how to make strands in the cap, an older technique. The tutorial brings you step by step for you to do strands by yourself and at home. These are special tips that will make a difference to lightened hair.

Shoulder hair at home

This video teaches you how to make a technique called ombré hair, which are strands in gradient. The video demonstrates the amount of product used, the form of application and the time required.

Curly brunettes

In this video, Maria teaches the techniques to make curls in curly hair through the technique of light and shadow, as well as giving product tips for the application. The result is amazing!

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The bristles for brunettes are on the rise and bring bright and lively results. The shades are the most varied and adapt to your style and desire.If you are also considering changing the length of the hair, check out some modern haircuts.


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