Bridal Enamels: Gentle and Romantic Nail

The bride's nails should be spotless on the wedding day, as should the dress, the hair and all the other details that are well thought out before the big day. But the bride's nail polish doesn't have to be just plain and white.

Light shades are always preferred, but they can gain a special touch with variations, sparkles and effects that will make the bride even more beautiful.

There are no rules for choosing which nail color to wear on your wedding day. The bride should choose the color she wants according to her taste, despite the traditions.

The most classic type and much used by brides is the French style nail. With a touch of transparency and a white dash at the ends, the francesinha makes the hands even more delicate and blends in very well with the occasion.

Full white is also a great nail polish option for brides who want to combine their nails with the traditional dress. The nails remain discreet, but with a shade more than the transparent nail polish.

Brides can instead use glittering or glittering nail polish. The light enamels look beautiful in the shiny versions.

The most daring can choose to nail polish of other shades like pink, lilac and red, but must be very careful not to choose too flashy colors, can break all romanticism of the look.

For women in love with decorated nails, there are several designs that are created especially for use on their wedding day. Delicate designs such as flowers and light-colored stylized strokes are a great choice.

Nail designs decorated in the form of stickers or stamps can also be found in discreet shades with shiny finishes. Applying rhinestones gives an even more special touch to the nails.

Be creative and choose something that has to do with you and your nails will add charm and romanticism to your bridal look.

Bridal Nail Polish Pictures

Check out some techniques and colors you can use on your wedding day and get inspired:

Floral brush decor is also a great option

Brides can also make colorful candlesticks or use colored nail polish

Getting one or two different nails is also a suggestion for brides

Nail lace is all about sexy brides

Another suggestion is to apply sparkles to the nails to decorate them

One more idea how to decorate the bride's nails

Add a little flower to your francesinha and it will be even sweeter

Soft-colored floral stamp is a good choice for the bride's nail

A little sparkle in the francesinha gives even more charm to nails

Traditional French for classic brides

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