Bridal Layette List

O layette It is an important detail for those who are getting married. However, without the help of a mother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law or friend who has had the experience of buying sheets, pillowcases, blankets, tea towels and other household items, it is difficult to know exactly what to buy. or not.

The main tip of how to assemble the wedding trousseau is not to buy everything at once. Purchases can be made slowly over the months before the wedding, but without exaggeration.

Start by buying some towels, then some sheets, comforters, and so on. Ideally, buy only what is necessary to meet the basic needs of the home. After all, the couple will have several opportunities to add and renew the layette with modern and differentiated pieces. In addition to making the home more beautiful, shopping for new items can be a great program for newlyweds to enjoy each other's company.

At wedding layette colors They are at the discretion of the bride, who owes what best suits her personal taste and the style of the new house, always taking into account the groom's opinion. But to make no mistake, just choose light colors, as they never go out of style and match any decor.

In addition to being beautiful, bride's outfit It should be practical, as the daily rush requires non-kneading parts that are easy to wash and iron. If you know you will have little time to take care of your home, avoid parts that require special care.

To make the task even easier, we have a suggestion for bridal trousseau list For items you can't miss in the newlyweds' house, check out:

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