Bride's day at home

Beauty salons offer stewardship packages for the bridal day, pampering for a perfect princess-like day. But how about going back to the old ways and preparing for the most special day of your life in the most cozy place there is: your home?

On your wedding day you need to be calm and well rested for the great emotions that the date holds. So, nothing better than being in a family environment, with your belongings at your disposal, relaxing on your couch at ease.

With that in mind, many companies specializing in the subject already offer the service of bride's day at home. And opting for this kind of service has its advantages.

Some salons do not allow the presence of chaperones during the bride's preparation; At home you can have family, best friends and bridesmaids around to start the party right there.

Your living room can turn into a great salon and the best, you will have the exclusive attention of professionals who will take care of every detail of your look. No traffic from other brides and customers at the same time, no worries and no surprises.

If the budget is tight, one solution is to do it yourself. bride's day at home. So, it is worth asking for help from family and friends. Just get organized and have everything well combined. Whether with a team of professionals or with that hand of people close, every bride deserves to have a special day.

Makeup For The Day After Your Wedding|In Detail For New Brides| (April 2021)

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