Bullying as a low self-esteem generator

To throw the first stone who has not witnessed or been the victim of any humiliation or same aggression, whether physical or emotional.

Over the years, many people end up forgetting awkward situations to which they have been exposed, others carry in their memories vivid images that cause them pain and resentment. Behavioral situations such as bullying They are sources of great stress, and can most often affect the self-image and self-esteem of many people.

Bullying is a term used to describe intentional and repeated acts of physical or even psychological violence committed by an individual, usually the bully, or group of individuals with the purpose of intimidating or assaulting another individual who feels unable to defend himself.

There are also victims / perpetrators, or perpetrators / targets, who sometimes commit aggression, who are also victims of school harassment by the class. Usually the target is a person who does not defend himself, who does not know he can help himself out of this situation, and may be afraid to seek help as he often receives threats from the abuser.

Is it one of the fastest growing forms of violence in the world ?, says Cléo Fante, educator and author of the book. ? Bullying Phenomenon: How to Prevent Violence in Schools and Educate for Peace? . According to the expert, the bullying It can occur in any social context, such as schools, universities, families, neighborhoods, and workplaces. What at first glance may seem like a simple harmless nickname can affect the target of the offense emotionally and physically.

The obese is a very easy target for these situations, as they receive various nicknames such as well stopper, chubby, blister, whale, acorn, among other pejorative names, in addition to all the stress you experience in your daily routine, which already embarrasses you. This experience ends up tearing the self esteemrather than empowering the victim to develop resources for change.

It is very important to contextualize these experiences and look for an effective way to disengage from those experiences that bring suffering, or even seek help when being exposed to these situations. One should not be afraid to report the aggressor or even the group. Help should be sought from the school, family or even close relatives who bring you confidence.

THE psychotherapy It can be an effective way to work through these experiences, reviewing the facts and strengthening self-esteem. In this way, he learns to deal with pain, and develop assertive behaviors in relation to pain embarrassment situations.

Dealing with Bullying (April 2021)

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