Caffeine: The New Beauty Ally

When you hear about caffeine, then think of the delicious coffee needed in the morning and irresistible after lunch? If caffeine refers to just that, this column came in handy. Caffeine has been used frequently in cosmetics, with very satisfactory results.

The power of caffeine

Caffeine belongs to a group of soluble lipid compounds called purines. It has a marked effect on mental and behavioral function that produces excitement and euphoria, reduced feeling of fatigue and increased motor activity. Found naturally in coffee beans, teas, chocolates, cocoa beans, about 95% of ingested caffeine is metabolized by the liver, and only about 3% to 5% is recovered in its original form in the urine. And it is precisely because it is highly metabolized that the cosmetic industry has made use of it.

More Caffeine Powers

Coffee is extremely rich for the skin. It is antioxidant three times more than the popular green tea. That is, it is also very important in fighting free radicals when ingested. When it comes to cosmetics, one of the main Caffeine Advantages It is in reducing measures and eliminating cellulite. This is because caffeine stimulates fat burning in the cell, so that it does not accumulate the fats that generate cellulite.

The substance also has the ability to turn fat into fatty acid and glycerol, facilitating the elimination of excess in the cell. However, the options on the market often have less than adequate caffeine to burn fat in cells. In addition, these products do not have an available form of caffeine, which hinders their penetration into the skin and minimizes their lipolytic action.

So which product to choose?

The best thing to do to take full advantage of caffeine is to use products prescribed by your dermatologist. He prescribes larger dose of caffeine in cosmetics (of course according to your needs), making the result really perceived. For products that fight cellulite and localized fat, the best indication is to use them just before doing physical activity to enhance the effect.

Remember that caffeine is almost like a grain of sand, it takes a lot of investment to figure out how to dissolve it and make penetration quick and efficient, so good and powerful caffeine creams are more expensive.

Coffee Peeling

Some clinics are already betting on this type of peeling, due to the good effects of caffeine. The properties of coffee beans act by stimulating cell regeneration, rejuvenation and skin revitalization. The result is longer-lasting, supple and hydrated skin.

Caffeine Based Massages

Massage therapists use caffeine creams for anyone who wants to eliminate cellulite. The massage is done with strong pressures in the regions where there is accumulation of fat molecules, and then the place is surrounded by a coffee product. By breaking down fat, it is possible to reach the deepest layer of the skin to eliminate unwanted punctures. The cool thing is that caffeine activates the skin's microcirculation, working as a firming lotion and body moisturizer.

More Caffeine Effects

Exfoliation: because of the ground coffee beans and husks and the husks of the beans, which have natural agents that stimulate cell renewal and blood circulation.

Sunscreen: is taken from the coffee extract. This extract contains flavonoids that help create a protective layer on the skin by blocking the action of UV rays.

Caffeine Injections: To aid in weight loss, some doctors prescribe this type of injection, which speeds up metabolism and helps break down fat molecules.

Caffeine can make you prettier in many ways, but the most important thing is to ask your doctor for advice, since at low doses it does not help at all and at very high doses it can be harmful.

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