Caption for pregnant photo: 50 options for registering this beautiful wait

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman's life. At this stage the body is no longer just a body, but a house full of love. If you've captured this special moment in images, you'll be enchanted by the pregnant photo captioning options we've separated. Choose your favorite and post the click on your social networks!

  1. To be a mother is to understand that God has made us the abode of life.
  2. Pregnant woman beauty is divine poetry.
  3. I carry within me the purest love.
  4. My miracle of love is already growing inside me.
  5. It is in pregnancy that the magic of life happens.
  6. When a baby decides to come into the world, a mother is born with it.
  7. God has planted a seed within me that will bloom and fill my days with color and love.
  8. Feeling your little heart beating inside me is discovering the meaning of life.
  9. The love of my life comes in nine months!
  10. No one was born and already owns all my love.
  11. There is a love that grows more and more inside of me: my baby.
  12. You understand the meaning of life as it grows within you.
  13. All my life I've dreamed of you.
  14. Mother is a flower and with her everything flourishes!
  15. Love without explanation, description or even reason.
  16. I thought I had lived the deepest love? But then God made me a mother.
  17. Generated in my body, my dreams and my soul!
  18. You will be born to me and I will be reborn from you!
  19. Months of waiting, a lifetime of love.
  20. A sweet and happy wait.
  21. I never imagined that there was such a love in the world. ? Roberto Carlos
  22. If I am someone better it is to deserve you. God made me a mother to teach you how to grow. ? Thaeme
  23. All the love in the world fits in here.
  24. I'm crazy to see you coming, I'm crazy to have you in your hands? ? Adriana Calcanhotto
  25. Living intensely my sweet wait.
  26. My heart is more yours than mine.
  27. My chest now heaves. I live in constant joy. It is love who is here. ? Marisa Monte
  28. And every verse of mine will be to tell you that I know that I will love you all my life. ? Vinicius de Moraes
  29. You are about to reveal the best in me: being a mother!
  30. They say my belly is growing. If they only knew the size of my heart?
  31. To feel another life within me was to know the greatest joy in the world.
  32. Being pregnant is feeling emotions that were not even thought to exist.
  33. The force of motherhood is greater than the laws of nature.
  34. In a pregnant two hearts beat and a love grows larger than life itself.
  35. A gift formed by the hands of God, a fruit of the love between your father and me. ? Thaeme
  36. Pregnancy is the small beginning of a great love that will be eternal.
  37. Now there is little to know the reason for my living.
  38. I am shelter and warmth. I am a mother. Forever love!
  39. Generating love!
  40. It only says that love does not fill belly who has never been pregnant.
  41. A wait that involves care, anxiety and a lot of love!
  42. Because all the love in the world fits in here.
  43. All the love in me has multiplied.
  44. You are not the story that I will tell, you are the story that I will live.
  45. A body, a house, a love. We are bound forever, son!
  46. The most beautiful curves I've ever had.
  47. I asked God to make me happy and He made me a mother!
  48. The sum of love: 1 + 1 = 3.
  49. All mothers know: it only takes 9 months to generate eternal love.
  50. Just knowing that you exist, I already feel complete.

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