Care of drying clothes

We tend to worry a lot about clothes wash and the precautions we should take during the whole process. Minor carelessness can damage or stain clothes. However, the second part of the cleaning process should also be done with caution.

Care when drying clothes can prevent stains and those wrinkles impossible to remove when ironing. So, check out the following tips and also capriche when placing the pieces for drying.

After washing, before extending the clothes on the clothesline, try to stretch the garment giving it its original shape, as it was when ironed. For example, shirts and t-shirts can be shaken until they lose the largest wrinkles and are in normal shape.

As for the pants, it is suggested to pull and? Hit? the legs to unwind. This care ensures easier and faster when ironing, you will realize that many of them do not even need to be ironed.

When extending, prefer to put your clothes to dry in the shade. Just as white pieces may turn yellow or mottled, colored pieces may fade, losing their beauty and decreasing their shelf life.

When hanging pieces on the clothesline, be careful when placing the clothespin on clothing. Choose a location where the mark will not be evident or difficult to iron off. Also prefer to extend the laundry so that it is freer to dry. For example, do not hang folded but extended bath towels with a pin at both ends.

Another tip to make life easier for those who wash their own clothes is to extend t-shirts, blouses and shirts directly on a hanger. This way they dry faster and with less wrinkles. If they are parts that do not need to spend much, using this technique may not even need to pass them.

Drying tips for each fabric type

Cotton: Cotton clothes can be wrinkled easily, so prefer to hang them in the best position to prevent this from happening. Although they are more resistant, the cotton pieces should be dried preferably in the shade.

Synthetic Fabrics: Being more resistant, these fabrics can be hung on the clothesline vertically without deforming the pieces. However, shade drying is suggested.

Silk: Silk pieces should be dried in the shade and hung with extreme care. Do not use wooden nails to avoid damaging silk threads. Prefer to hang using plastic pegs and hangers.

Over there: Woolen pieces are sensitive and easily deformed when hung vertically, so it is best to lay them flat in the shade in a well-ventilated place.

Leather: Leather clothing should be dried in the shade and in positions that do not leave the material clumsy. Jackets, for example, should be hung straight on the hanger. Remembering that if the leather clothes dry crooked it will be very difficult to untangle it.

Following the tips saves you work when ironing and even breaks down saves electricity. Another benefit of being careful when extending the clothes to dry is that its conservation lasts longer.

Caring For Your Clothes - My Opinion on Washing & Drying (April 2024)

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