Cat's eyes

The smoky eyes they became a real fever among women and infected even the famous. But to make the make even more sensual, the tip is to bet on blurred eye and kitten.

The mix has the charm of the smoky, with the retro and outlined touch of kitty style, worthy of a diva.

This type of makeup, known as?smokey cat eyes?, further enhances the feminine look and leaves the look powerful.

The? Pull? at the outer corner that follows the imaginary line of the end of the eye toward the tip of the eyebrow, raises and widens the gaze.

O smoky eye and kitten It's a great choice for those with small eyes or drooping eyelids, but any woman can bet on make-up and cat eyes.

How to make cat eyes

Using a black pencil, draw the lower and upper eyes close to the eyelashes. Then, using brush and brown eyeshadow, find the concave and start smudging together, always leading toward the tip of the eyebrow.

Leave a space of one inch below the eyebrow to apply the shadow later. If you can not do the pull, a tip is to use a tape on the imaginary line when applying the shadow. Then just gently remove it and continue the process.

On the movable eyelid, apply shadow color as desired: it can be brighter colors, neutral colors or even bright pigments. Apply the shadow across the eyelid to the concave edge and smudge again until the shadows come together. Then apply a lot of eyelash mask. With a cotton swab, wipe off excess and finish makeup by preparing the skin with foundation, concealer, powder and blush.

For questions, watch the video below that shows how to do the smoky eye and pulled.

Ready! Now you have it cat eyes and are you ready to rock around with your makeup?smokey cat eyes?.

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