Cavitation: what it is, pros and cons

The search for the perfectly structured body without cellulite and imperfections is what leads women to operating rooms to reduce localized fat.

However, a new treatment option appears on the market that promises the same results as liposuction, but in a less invasive way: cavitation.

In this type of procedure there is no need for cuts, hospitalization in the clinic and the use of anesthesia. According to beautician Maria Claudia Fernandez, cavitation is an alternative for those who want to get rid of injections.

Unlike liposuction, cavitation is performed by an ultrasound device capable of inducing the appearance of small bubbles in the fat tissue. "Because the membranes of adipose cells are very sensitive, they break due to the pressure of treatment, which causes this material to be excreted later by our body," explains Maria Claudia.

This procedure is indicated for women who want to reduce cellulite and also fatty tissue without undergoing surgery. "But it is important to warn that regardless of the treatment chosen, the woman must practice physical exercise and have a balanced diet for the treatment to be effective," says the beautician.

For Maria Claudia, cavitation is painless and the procedure is quite safe. Who wants to do, one needs to consult the doctor, perform routine checkups to see if all is well with the body. After the procedure is done, can the woman go back to normal ?, says Maria Claudia Fernandez.

However, just like any kind of aesthetic treatment, you need to stick to the contraindications and ask for help from a doctor. "All procedures that the patient is going to do, it is recommended to ask the specialist for advice, because what is good for one may not be good for someone else," warns the beautician.

Therefore, pregnant women, for example, cannot perform cavitation. • Patients with hypertension should also see themselves far from this type of treatment. For them, the best thing to do is exercise controlled by doctors ?, suggests Maria.

If performed in specialized clinics and with medical supervision, this type of treatment has much more benefits than harm. "If it is done responsibly and of course, with expert advice, this type of treatment can be effective and safe," explains Maria Claudia.

Pros and Cons of Liposuction and Non Invasive Fat Removal (April 2021)

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