Cellulite: Treatment Tips and How to Avoid

Cellulite is undoubtedly the greatest nightmare for women. The origin of the problem that leaves the legs and buttocks full of holes may be genetic, but its main cause is related to increased production of female hormones.

Poor diet, physical inactivity, contraceptive use and cigarette addiction aggravate the problem. And it's not just overweight women who are the main victims, skinny women can also suffer from the discomfort. Check out treatment tips and how to avoid cellulite.

Cellulite Treatments

To help women who want to get rid of orange peel skin, cellulite treatments are becoming more and more modern. The choice of the most appropriate procedure depends on the degree of cellulite.

In grade 1, cellulite is considered mild and the holes are not visible. Since it is still in its infancy and internal, changes can only be noticed by tightening or tightening the skin. Those in this degree can use a specific cream or do lymphatic drainage sessions, a massage that stimulates circulation and the elimination of fluids and toxins from the body. Another option is ultrasound, which emits low frequency vibrations to activate circulation and eliminate excess fluid.

In grade 2, cellulite is moderate. The skin has a padded appearance and the holes are already apparent even without contracting the region. From grade 3 they are already very visible, the skin becomes rough and swollen, it is possible to feel the lumps by feeling the region. The most indicated procedures are mesotherapy, made with the application of injections with substances that intensify the elimination of fat or heated carboxitherapy, with injections of hot carbon dioxide to improve circulation in the region.

When cellulite reaches grade 4, it is at its most severe stage, with deep and very visible lumps that can cause pain. To treat, you need to resort to more radical treatments and even surgical interventions such as subcision, which loosens the fibers that pull the skin. A technique with a radiofrequency device, the Accent, is also used which burns fat in the deepest layers of the skin.

How to avoid cellulite

Before facing aesthetic procedures, it is worth investing in a simple formula to prevent cellulite. Adopt healthy habits. Eat a balanced diet, avoid fatty foods, excess salt and sugar, prefer fruits, vegetables, and fiber foods. Quit smoking, practice physical activity. Cycling, running or walking at least three times a week are ways to stimulate circulation and burn body fat.

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