Cereal Benefits for Beauty

Present in the diet or composition of cosmetic products, the fact is that cereals They are healthy and very nutritious. In addition, they can bring several benefits to beauty. One of the advantages of these foods is that they are high in fiber, great for health and especially for those on a diet.

At cereal fiber they feel satiated, control hunger and make the bowel function at the right pace, avoiding flatulence and malaise. Already for the skin and hair, cereals bring effects that help keep them always beautiful, hydrated and looking younger. Learn now about the properties of three cereals and how they can contribute to their beauty.


THE oatmeal It is rich in ingredients such as avenic acids A and B, pantothenic acid, salicylic acid, vitamins B1 and B2, beta-glacans and amino acids that are very important not only for the skin but also for the hair.

These substances have the function of stimulating collagen production, deeply moisturizing and improving the structure of the wires, ensuring that they grow healthy. Oatmeal Products They moisturize dry skin, relieve dryness and have anti-inflammatory action for irritated and sensitive skin.


O wheat It has several benefits for the body: it protects from cardiovascular disease, helps in collagen production, combats anemia and premature cell aging. It is still a great antioxidant, rich in vitamin E and silicon.

The cereal can be found in the composition of hair products, with the function of creating a protective layer that joins the hair cuticles, preserving their natural moisture and giving more shine.

For the skin, wheat has a similar effect to lifting as it corrects the time marks and wrinkles, especially in the eye region.


O kojic acid is a substance found in rice. It is used in the composition of creams, for having whitening and rejuvenating action of the skin.

The good news is that kojic acid products can be used even on summer days without harming the skin. Rice is also widely used in specific creams for oily skin, as this ingredient has antiseptic power, controls excess oiliness and keeps the skin always beautiful and well hydrated.

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