Check 7 Funny Wedding Videos

The wedding day is one of the most special in the couple's life, everything has to be perfect and flawless to realize their dream. But that doesn't always work out, often something goes wrong and something or someone gets a little dull. These events are not always bad and can even become good jokes and laugh out loud at church and party and many years later on film. Check out the 7 funny wedding videos to see how each couple got into trouble on their wedding day:

1 ? Godfather loses balance

2 ? Denture Bride

3 ? Godfather faints

4 ? Groom slips on bride's dress

5 ? Another godfather passing out

6 ? Groom can't say the vows

7 ? Bride loses her skirt

I think not everyone remembered all the details of the day: losing your dentures, not adjusting your skirt and not taking a sedative on the day makes things more complicated.

Wedding Fails - Best Funny Compilation (Part 1) - 2016 (March 2024)

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