Children's Vanity: How Healthy It Is

The Little Misses program, broadcast on cable channel Discovery Home & Health, even scares. Kids with hairstyles of adult, in high heels and with a loaded makeup. Including some of the mothers thinking that their children are overweight and in need of regime. Unfortunately, this reality is not just that of a TV show. Each day, the little girls become more vain. But shouldn't they be kidding?

It's common

Watching your daughter walk around the house smudged with her make-up and trying to balance on a heel (yours, of course) is cute and part of every woman's childhood. So far, at one time or another, there is no cause for concern. Laugh together and explain to her that as soon as she grows up she can do all that. It's part of a joke-filled universe and there's no point in being banned as long as you make it clear she can? and should? play with other things.

When it becomes a problem

What you should not allow is to feel good to see your daughter child acting as an adult. If she grows up acting and thinking as an adult, she will suffer to fit in and not enjoy childhood to discover the world, since she is not comfortable with her own age.

Adult makeup

If while you make up your daughter asks to use some product, you may even leave occasionally, once again in the playful sense of it. But always, no. The reason? Adult products are dangerous to small children: they are stronger and are not tested on children for safety and efficacy, greatly increasing the risk of allergies. Not even the infant versions of cosmetics They are 100% safe. These formulas tend to have little perfume and use milder preservatives.

If your child suffers from allergic rhinitis, bronchitis or atopic dermatitis, the skin is even more likely to irritate.

What you need to understand is that the children's skin It is more sensitive and thin, meaning that the chemicals in cosmetics are absorbed more intensely.

Make from how old?

After 13, you can be more relaxed and release makeup. Still with restrictions because, at this age, hormones begin to boil (or have already boiled), making the skin more oily.

The best thing to do is to consult a dermatologist in this case so that your daughter uses appropriate products, usually oil-free ones.

And isn't just makeup the danger?

That's right. Enamels, for example, have formaldehyde, a substance that can develop itching, redness and irritation around the nail and eyelids. The option is to use hypoallergenic nail polish when your puppy asks.

As for shampoo and conditioner, the best thing is to use a small one, do not wash your hair with the same as you use, as dandruff, allergies (even in the eyes) and dry hair can arise.

A hint: hide your cosmetics in a high place that your daughter can't reach to avoid unpleasant surprises.

High heels: it's also bad

Sandals and heeled shoes are detrimental to bone structure formation and can lead to pain and problems with balance, posture and spine. It is common to see heeled child models, so buy your girl's shoes yourself or explain to her why she can't wear them.

And the regime?

No mother can, on her own, put her child on a severe diet because she thinks she is overweight. Children need a lot of calories and variety at the table because they are developing. Obviously this does not mean releasing chocolates, stuffed cookies, fried foods and processed snacks, it's up to you, mother, to offer nutritious and appetizing meals. If your child is chubby, go to the dietitian, but don't put him on a diet of your own.

Child needs to be a child

As your little one grows up, he will need to worry more about vanity, but not now. For now, you need to pass on good values ​​(expensive clothes don't make anyone better than anyone, skinny people are no longer special, food doesn't mean gratification for well-done tasks, etc.). Vanity is important, yes, but it needs limits, like everything else in life. For now you just have to play with your child, make him happy the way he is without pressure because you know that adulthood is not easy, combined?

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