Chinese table: learn oriental technique to find out your baby's gender

Looking at the positive pregnancy test, many things go through the minds of future dads. The reform of the little room, how life will change, how will be the birth and the main one: is it boy or girl?

In popular culture there are numerous sympathies and techniques that teach you how to find out the baby's gender and even how to choose it. Although there is no scientific evidence, when the curiosity is great, the couple resorts to them in order to find out the sex of the baby.

One way to make this discovery is by using the Chinese table. It is believed that by combining the mother's lunar age and the month of conception, which is the month the woman became pregnant, it is possible to find out if the mother is expecting a boy or a girl.

Know the table origins

The Chinese table is known as an Oriental tradition where it is possible to find out the gender of the baby considering the age of the mother and the month in which the baby was conceived.

The table has been around for over 700 years and tradition says it was buried in a tomb of a royal family in China. Currently the original table is at the Beijing Institute of Science. In the eastern countries, the use is widespread and it is estimated that the hit rate can reach up to 93%.

How Table Calculations Work

First, the woman must find out her lunar age, which is the age of when she became pregnant plus 1. Attention: for women born in January or February you do not need to add 1 to the age. For example: A woman who was born on 7/11/84 in 2014 turns 30 years old. So if she gets pregnant this year, her lunar age will be 31.

Now if the woman was born in the months of January and February it is not necessary to add 1. For example: a woman who was born on 29/01/87 in 2014 turns 27 years old. If she becomes pregnant this year, her lunar age will be 27, as the sum of one is not required.

After finding out the lunar age you need to know in which month the woman became pregnant. With these data in hand it is possible to verify in the table the cross between lunar age and month of conception. The letters? M? and? H? in the table indicate Woman and Man respectively.

So get to work! If you can't stand the curiosity, check out the table below and see what the Chinese tradition says: is it a girl or a boy? Remembering that these tests and tables are not scientifically proven and are based on the Chinese tradition, but it is hard to try, right?

Testimonials from mothers who tested

Pâmela, from the Mommy Reports blog

In the case of the pregnant Pamela Cavalcanti, now 23, the Chinese table worked out for the first daughter she expects: “with me the history of the Chinese table worked out very well. I got pregnant in September when I was 22 and I have a birthday in January, so I don't need to add 1 more, I looked in the column of age 22, in the month I got pregnant? and the result was GIRL. Eighteen weeks pregnant, through a common ultrasound, I discovered that my Lorraine was on its way. What happiness !?

Jamilly from the Mom Forever Blog

Jamilly would like to have a boy and planned the pregnancy according to the Chinese table: “When I decided to get pregnant, I read a lot on the internet tips on how to have a boy and talking to a friend about my research she presented me the Chinese table. I found the table on a website and decided to do the math to see what sex the baby could possibly have if it was "planned." The following month, when the table pointed to a boy, I had no doubt and prepared to get pregnant. Four months later I confirmed the sex of the baby and out of jest and curiosity showed several friends who had already had their children and the table hit the vast majority. Now 4 years later I'm making use of the Chinese table again for maybe a girl coming.?

Mari, from the blog Mom Challenge

Mari is another mom who also succeeded in using the table. My name is Marilene Marchesin Ribeiro, I'm 32 years old and I'm the mother of Maria Eduarda of 4 years. I met the Chinese table in 2009, when I was planning Maria Eduarda's pregnancy, through co-workers. At the time two people told me that the table had worked. The first was the mother of a girl and the second was the father of two girls. As I wanted so much to be a mother of a girl, I consulted the chart and used it as a reference as soon as my husband and I started trying to get pregnant. When I got pregnant, all the other games made to find out the sex of the baby were boyish except the Chinese table. At 5 months we discovered sex: the little girl I wanted so badly. Point to the Chinese table !?

If you are curious about the sex of the baby or still want to plan a boy or girl's arrival, use the Chinese table, but never forget that this is not a scientifically proven method and is not 100% likely to be correct. . It just serves as a fun joke to try to quench the curiosity of parents.

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