Choosing the right clothes for the job

Each career requires a different attitude and wardrobe. With the right models, colors and accessories you will fit the professional environment and still be fashionable. Getting dressed right is a sign of respect for yourself and others. The clothing you wear can help you get the right image where you work. What is fashionable is not always the most appropriate. THE work clothes It should be presentable, comfortable and fit the business environment, but some rules apply to all types of jobs.

Always keep in mind that we never have a second chance to make the first good impression.

We have to evaluate the profile of the company we work for, whether it is informal or formal. We need to evaluate our held position, job profile, if we deal with the public. All this to make a good impression and to be able to dress without looking vulgar. Saleswomen, brokerage firms, teachers or those who don't stay in the office all the time need comfort and flexible fabrics. Forget low-cut clothes that are too tight or too loose. They are not practical at all. Knitting and sequined blouses do not require the use of coats. The fewer pieces you carry, the better.

Some companies are quite conservative and require a look such as financial institutions. In computer companies, marketing or promotional agencies are more relaxed, allowing the use of jeans and t-shirt.

What counts when choosing work clothes

  • Trend
  • Personal style
  • Company Profile
  • Position we occupy

What you should never use to work

  • Transparencies
  • Necklines and short clothes
  • Bra showing up
  • Hopefully it will fall.
  • Belly Out
  • Exaggeratedly tight pants.

Other basic tips for choosing work clothes

  • Perfumes: No strong perfumes, besides not pleasing everyone do not let your perfume replace the flavor of
  • Accessories: Do not overdo them, too much information is not elegant.
  • Makeup: Should be light, highlight your beauty only, leave the make-up for parties and evening.

Based on this information you can assemble your work wardrobe with matching pieces in neutral (soft) colors that match each other, so you can't go wrong with the look.

Now come on, show the great professional you are without wasting time worrying about clothes you will wear, invest in your professional competence that success is guaranteed!

By Jussara Barbosa

Stylist and Fashion & Style Consultant. He works in the creation of tailor-made clothes and accessories, with exclusive pieces and in the creation of collections for brands and brands. Writes articles on Fashion and Behavioral Etiquette for magazines and newspapers and related texts. Has a personal portal where he writes about the subject. She is a TV presenter and works in advertising and marketing advising companies.

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