Clitoris Map: Tips to stimulate the organ and have even more pleasure

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The clitoris is one of the most amazing parts of the female body. All because this little organ has the sole and exclusive purpose of pleasing women! He has over 8,000 nerve endings and that's what makes him so sensitive to touch.

It turns out that the clitoris is in a protected region and locating it is not an easy task, which ends up being a reason for complaint, because its stimulation is one of the main responsible for bringing the woman to orgasm. You who have doubts about this amazing organ will find here the map of the mine: where it is, curiosities you did not know and, best of all, how to achieve pleasure alone or accompanied!

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Clitoris: Where is it?

The location of the clitoris is a subject that still raises doubts. The small organ is just below the pubis and near where the large lips begin. It is not easy to locate as it is protected by the large lips. Just below the clitoris is the urethra? Where does the urine come from? and below the urethra comes the vagina.

The visible part measures about 1 cm, but the inner part can reach almost 10 cm!

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How to stimulate the clitoris alone or accompanied

First and foremost, it is important that you are relaxed and in a place of privacy. Then just set the mood and use your imagination!

Use your fingers

Set aside all prejudices and know your own body. One form of direct stimulation is to use the fingers. Caress the vagina with upward movements, making small circles to focus on the clitoris, or larger circles to stimulate the other parts of the vagina, where there are also nerve endings. Still with your hands, lightly tap the region and discover what gives you pleasure.

Use the bathroom shower

That's right! For women, the bathroom shower has another utility! At bath time, a moment of your own, direct the water jet over the vagina. The pressure of the water coming out of the shower will make you feel pleasant!

With a pillow

You can also use a pillow or cushion to reach orgasm! Start by locking your bedroom door for complete privacy. Then grab a large pillow and put it between your legs and make friction movements back and forth.

Beaded necklace

The beaded necklace is not just a bold look item. It can also be used for your pleasure, believe me! On your knees or standing, grasp one end of the necklace from the front, and with your other hand grasp the other end underneath so that it is between your legs. Slowly pull the attachment back and forth, causing it to slide down your vagina, vaginal lips and clitoris. It is important to sanitize the object before use.

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Sexual positions

Your partner is also a key player in clitoral stimulation! In fact, it is much easier for women to reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation than with vaginal penetration. Therefore, the couple should pay special attention to this organ during sex and bet on positions that allow the friction of the organ or the access of the hands. The classic daddy and mommy? It's one of the best positions for this!

Oral sex

Oral sex is one of the best ways to bring a woman to pleasure through the clitoris. Therefore, ask your partner to stimulate the region using the mouth.

Erotic toys

Whether alone or accompanied, erotic toys are great facilitators of female pleasure. And did you know that there are specific sex toys to stimulate the clitoris? One of the best known is the vibrating penis ring, which stimulates the clitoris in penetration, increasing the pleasure.

The most important thing is to put shame aside and create intimacy with your own body to know what gives you the most pleasure!

8 questions and curiosities about the clitoris you didn't know

Behind this little organ are some mysteries you can't even imagine!

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1. The clitoris never gets old!

Unlike other parts of the body that suffer from the action of time, the clitoris remains there, always young! He is the only part that never grows old, which means that he will be there to bring pleasure to the woman for life, whether in youth or at the best and mature age: with the same ability!

2. The clitoris also has erection

Did you think only men had erections? Know that women do too! When it is aroused, the blood circulation at the site increases, causing the clitoris to swell and even double in size!

3. The clitoris can become a penis

In gender confirmation surgeries, the clitoris may be enlarged through hormones and incisions. The tissue of the vagina and large lips are also used to coat and shape what is called a neopenis. The same can be done in reverse, when the penile glans is reduced, giving rise to a clitoris.

4. The clitoris has different sizes and shapes.

Just as women's vagina differs from each other, so does the clitoris. Beyond physical change? Can they be bigger, smaller, more or less visible than others? The sensitivity is also different. Some are more sensitive while others require more stimuli.

5. He is bigger than you think!

The visible part of the clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg! Is she the smallest? and also the most pleasurable? but most of it extends internally from the vaginal opening to the perineum.

6. He has 8,000 nerve endings!

That's right you just read! Just at the tip of the clitoris are there more than 8,000 nerve endings? twice as many nerves in the penis? and that is precisely what makes this body part so sensitive to touch. Sensations initiated in the clitoris can spread throughout the pelvic region, affecting about 15,000 nerve endings. Too much, right?

7. The clitoris can be exercised!

Did you know that if exercised, the clitoris can guarantee even more pleasure? One of the techniques used for this is pompoarism, which consists in the contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles. Studies also indicate that women who walk 20 minutes a day are more likely to reach orgasm by clitoral stimulation. It's worth trying!

8. He is there only for your pleasure!

You may have wondered what the clitoris is, but believe me, it's just there for one purpose: to pleasure the woman. This is one of the privileges only females have!

Amazing how such a small organ can do so much for women!

Forget the prejudices, get to know your body and surrender to the moments of pleasure you can achieve with your partner or alone.

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