Common Mistakes When Planning a Wedding

When the marriage is organized by the newlyweds themselvesWithout the help of an event planner, it is difficult to keep everything in order and leave everything planned without forgetting anything. So, check out our tips on those who have already planned their own wedding and made some mistakes and avoid doing the same with your big day.

Believe that the most expensive are the best

While quality service is often the most expensive, this rule has its exceptions and you need to be careful not to spend a great deal of money on poor quality service.

Paying dearly is no guarantee that the service will be well done and in some cases it does not even guarantee that it will be done. Therefore, before hiring services, try to learn more about the company, talk to those who have already used these services and ask for referrals of services that acquaintances and friends of yours have hired. This way you minimize the likelihood of poor service at the party.

Also try to keep all invoices and service contracts because you may need these documents if something goes wrong and you need to bring Procon or court.

Expect perfection in everything

Not only the brides, but also the bride and groom are very anxious waiting for everything to go as planned and as expected at the wedding celebration. However, it is important to be prepared for small problems and to solve them without losing the party allergy.

It is common for things like cake, for example, not to exactly match what was promised. However, if the problem is just an aesthetic issue, don't waste your time worrying about it and leave it after the honeymoon.

It is essential that the couple be prepared for small disappointments with things that will not work at the party or ceremony, after all, we are all subject to failures and small obstacles in everything we do. In such cases, try not to let it shake you and continue to enjoy the moment.

Not paying attention to small details

During the wedding planning, the bride and groom often worry about the big protagonists of the celebration like band, buffet and decoration and forget that the small details also deserve attention.

Pre-wedding details, such as the date of invitation delivery or party details, such as waltz time, should also be decided in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Take into consideration the experience of your married couple, ask friends for advice, and plan your wedding with love and time. And be sure to put the groom to help too, after all he is also part of it.

You can also count on the help of family and friends not to get too many tasks and plan your wedding in a hurry. But if you prefer not to have a headache, hire an event planner and enjoy your last months of miss.

Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes | TIPS (April 2021)

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