Constipation feeding

Food plays a major role when it comes to bowel issues. Your gut's reactions to the foods you eat can tell you a lot about how your health is doing.

THE constipation It is a very uncomfortable reaction that usually happens due to poor diet or irregular diet.

In addition to the internal discomfort and pain it causes, the swelling in the abdominal area adds one more negative point to this problem.

To avoid this intestinal discomfort, you need to exercise regularly and take care of food. Check out the foods you should add to your meals to avoid the problem and helpful tips regarding constipation.

Hydrate by consuming plenty of water

In addition to leaving your skin beautiful, consuming water helps to facilitate the digestion process and prevents the stool from drying out, which can cause great discomfort.

Include fruits on the menu

Fruit pomace helps to produce fecal cake. Do fruits that are high in fiber still favor the regularization of bowel function and promote fluid retention? which prevents the stool from getting dry.

It is recommended to eat orange and gossip with the bagasse and also fruits rich in fiber such as apple, strawberry and passion fruit pulp. Remembering that the higher the fiber consumption, the greater the water intake should be to prevent the fibers from leaving the fecal cake dry.

Yoghurts also help to prevent constipation

Yogurts play an important role in facilitating digestion. Many food companies now offer yoghurts in specific, high-fiber versions for constipation sufferers.

In addition, the consumption of probiotics Present in yogurts helps regulate the intestinal flora and promotes improvement in the immune system. Yoghurts, when consumed with fruits such as plum, further help to improve bowel function.

Add raw foods and whole foods to your diet

Adding vegetables to the menu ensures fiber and vitamin-rich diets, essential for a healthy digestive process. Replacing some foods with their integrals is also a great option for those who want to eat better without excluding certain foods from their meal.

Some examples of what you can consume in their full form include rice, wheat, oats, granola, bread and corn. By making these replacements you already guarantee an improvement in the functioning of your bowel.

Foods You Should Not Overeat

Some foods when consumed can hamper the digestion process and dry out the stools. Therefore, avoid overeating foods such as cookies and crackers that are not whole, fried foods and especially sugary sweets.

By taking such care, you prevents constipation and even realizes that the proper functioning of the bowel promotes the beauty of the skin, leaving it radiant and healthy. Therefore, it is worth investing in a balanced diet to avoid bowel problems.

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