Correct food for gastritis

Stomach burning, abdominal pain, and rejection of certain types of food are often reported by patients with gastritis. Identified by upper digestive endoscopy, inflammation happens in the stomach lining and is therefore very uncomfortable during meals.

It is therefore important to look for a balanced diet that is controlled by medical advice. According to gastroenterologist Antonio Mello it is recommended to have a correct nutrition for gastritis, and eat at least every three hours. "It's important never to have an empty stomach, because the patient may complain of nausea," he explains.

But before adhering to the controlled menus, you need to consult your doctor so that he can check the situation of the gastritis. In some cases we prescribe some medications. Therefore, it is important to perform the exams requested by the professional to analyze the degree of inflammation ?, suggests the gastroenterologist.

Once inflammation is identified, it is essential to prioritize certain types of foods in the diet, and eliminate others that cause more stomach burns. • You need to consume raw vegetables and legumes at every meal, and drink plenty of water at these intervals. Should fruits also be included ?, recommends Mello.

What to avoid

It is quite common to eat quickly during lunch. But be aware that this attitude can further intensify the symptoms. With daily rush, patients say they have less than 15 minutes to feed. This is totally blamed for those who have gastritis, after all, the patient should chew the food calmly and avoid conversations during meals ?, explains Antonio Mello.

Avoiding industrialized products is also a rule. Prefabricated foods are harmful to both stomach and non-stomach sufferers. They carry plenty of preservatives, which is harmful to health. So, prefer natural meals made without much seasoning ?, comments Mello.

But after all, which of the routine attitudes should be totally put aside? First, avoid the coffees after lunch. Both coffee and mate tea have caffeine - a substance that stimulates acidity in the stomach. "Who does not dispense the good coffee, choose decaffeinated products," says the doctor.

Ingestion of very hot foods or liquids should also be consumed. "If the patient drinks vitamins or even milk with very hot coffee, these liquids dilate the vessels, further damaging the inflammation," explains Antonio Mello.


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