Cotton Wedding: 15 Tips to Celebrate the Two Years of Eternal Love

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Do you know how old the cotton wedding is celebrated? They refer to the celebration of 2 years of marriage and is a very important date for the couple. Although not one of the most popular, there are several ways to celebrate the cotton wedding. We have prepared amazing tips for you to rock the celebration and surprise your great love!

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Meaning of the Cotton Wedding

The meaning of cotton wedding has to do with the fragility of the relationship at its inception. Cotton, while fragile, also carries an intention that the relationship can become stronger and more precious over time.

Even though they are similar, the terms cotton wedding and cotton candy wedding cannot be confused. The cotton candy wedding refers to the 3 months of marriage, when it is still soft and sweet, full of romanticism.

15 Ideas to Celebrate Your Cotton Wedding

You can use creativity to celebrate the wedding years at the cotton wedding or to celebrate in a simple way. There are many ideas for this special day. Here are some tips:

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1. Romantic Dinner Made by You

You can prepare a romantic dinner with details and decoration with great love and affection. Choose Japanese food or delicious pasta. Drizzle the night with wine and chocolates.

2. Romantic Dinner at a Restaurant

This option is ideal for those who prefer not to cook and want to ensure a complete dining experience for their evening. Choose a cozy restaurant that is very similar to you.

3. Romantic Breakfast

Preparing a breakfast is a way to start the day celebrating the cotton wedding. Prepare a delicious and well-reinforced meal for your sweetheart to have an amazing day.

4. Cake and Candy Table

One of the traditional ways to celebrate a wedding is with a themed cake and a candy table to please your sweetheart.

5. Good drinks with your sweetheart

There are couples who prefer to enjoy the night with some good drinks. To match the date, how about preparing a drink with cotton? It's a nice idea that can make the night even livelier.

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6. Romantic Picnic

A very romantic program is the outdoor picnic, full of love and intimacy. Prepare snacks, choose a good wine and enjoy the day!

7. Cotton Wedding with Friends of the Couple

Some prefer to celebrate the cotton wedding at dinner with their closest friends who participated in the couple's 2 years of history. A home-cooked dinner with a special decoration and menu is a great way to celebrate the wedding.

8. Cotton wedding gift

A handmade gift is a great idea for the wedding. Spending your time creating and learning to do something for your love has a very strong meaning. An idea is an embroidery or a card, but feel free to express your love the way you see fit.

9. Cotton wedding decoration in the couple's bedroom

The wedding can be celebrated in the couple's room with a romantic and special decoration. Hearts, candles and lots of love are part of a decoration to celebrate the 2 years of marriage.

10. Commemorative Basket

The themed basket is a great idea to present your love at the cotton wedding. It is a traditional treat, but it does not lose its value.

11. Edible Gift

Despite naming a distinctive celebration, cotton candy can be a great choice to symbolize the 2 years of marriage. This inspiration is amazing to make the day sweeter and more romantic. A custom cotton candy in a little pot is a lot of love!

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12. Movie Night

A romantic and economical idea is to prepare a movie night at home. Popcorn, soda and romantic movies are a great way to spend the night with your sweetheart.

13. Set up a playlist

How about creating a playlist of songs that mark your romance? Choose songs that remind you of the wedding or that great trip you made together!

14. Cotton Wedding Party

Another option is to celebrate the cotton wedding with a party. Many couples like to party, organize and plan. This is a good idea to gather friends, family and enjoy a night of music and fun.

15. Plan a trip

You can take a trip together, either by car or plane. Choose a destination that suits the couple and enjoy a lot!

These are some options for you to celebrate the cotton wedding with a lot of creativity and love.These are simple and easy-to-hold cotton wedding ideas. How about getting your hands dirty and preparing something amazing for your sweetheart?

15 Cotton Wedding Phrases to Send to Your Love

Some phrases for cotton wedding can be used in greeting cards, messages, speeches and more. Check out some examples of phrases that represent the 2 years of binding:

  1. Happiness consists in sharing the small and the great things with the people we love. May this feast day be just the beginning of a life full of joy !?
  2. Being loved is to consume oneself in the flame. To love is to shine with an inexhaustible light. To be loved is to pass, to love is to last.
  3. "More important than not forgetting the wedding date is always remembering the promises we made that day."
  4. Marriage is a long way where love is the key to overcoming any difficulty.
  5. Is marriage like a covenant of two souls and two hearts that come together for the purpose of walking, winning, and being immensely happy? together!?
  6. "Love is the acceptance that between me and my fellow man there are many precious differences to be respected."
  7. "That my love will not be fleeting, I will love you from January to January until the world ends."
  8. "Loving is not looking at each other, it is looking together in the same direction."
  9. Love is the poetry of the senses. Or is sublime, or does not exist. When it exists, it exists forever and is growing day by day.
  10. A marriage is built daily and strengthened in sadness and joy.
  11. "A happy marriage lives on love, but also on forgiveness, on knowing how to accept defects and praise qualities."
  12. Today is the anniversary of our dream: 2 years we live inside it.
  13. 2 years of love, companionship and respect: I am very proud to share my life with you.
  14. May the power of our love multiply every day, every year.
  15. "Like cotton, I wish our love was always like this: soft."

Celebrating two years of marriage is an important step towards eternal life alongside your love. Now that you have a lot of ideas and tips, the cotton wedding will be even happier and more creative.


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