Country Style: 50 Inspirations to Build an Amazing Look

Jade Seba

Fringes, leather, suede and hat: Country style has gained notoriety in the fashion world and is a trend for the coming seasons. Whether in clothing or accessories such as wide belts with buckles, country style will make your head.

Widely used in festivals, the looks with a rodeo twist are very stylish and have been winning the catwalks around the world. To inspire you with country style, we have prepared a list of 50 looks inspirations.

1. Women's country style can be basic and traditional

2. With the right jeans and accessories, you can build a country look

3. Chess combined with jeans is a great choice for a very traditional country look.

4. This slightly more urban combination

5. The combination of accessories, cropped and jeans makes the country look striking

6. Country style can be fitted with a short

7. Or with a denim skirt

8. Another way to build your country look is by choosing a t-shirt.

9. A cap can also be the look enhancement

10. Over the knee boots are also widely used in country style.

11. Animal print and fringed denim jacket is a good bet

12. The wide buckle belt is indispensable for a country look

13. This booted monkey option is great for a casual outing

14. Velvet Short, Leather Boot and Hat: A Supertrendy Cowgirl

15. Casual country look for the day

16. The country look can also be worn at night

17. One more night look

18. A classic country look to wear at night

19. A wide buckle belt and country-style festival hat

20. This inspiration of country styles for festivals

21. Chess for a stylish music festival country look

22. Another look country model for festivals

23. Choose the right accessories and assemble your look

24. One option is country jeans style

25. Dresses can also be part of your country look.

26. One more little model of short dress with booties

27. The short dresses with boot make the look very sweet

28. Even for a country wedding, country style works great.

29. The long dress is also a great option.

30. But the short is also a charm

31. The scarf is an ideal accessory for country style

32. You can tie the scarf together with the belt.

33. Scarves can have multiple prints

34. The fringe bag is also an essential accessory for this style.

35. A traditional and very elegant country look with flare pants

36. A combination of leather and lots of shine

37. You can build a country look with a gi

38. Look at this look with cardigan and boot

39. This is a country style with a touch of folk.

40. One more little style with a folk touch

41. This country-style model with a folk touch and suede is very cute

42. A body-mounted country look

43. Fringes, fringes and more fringes

44. Fringes can come up to your pants in a country look

45. Pregnant women can also maintain country style during pregnancy

46. ​​Flowery denim jacket with jacket, boots and hat: modern combination of country style

47. Black leather jacket also orna in country look

48. A great way to make your look bolder is to improvise a top with a scarf

49. The basic look will always have space

50. What matters is leaving your personality in your country style

You could fall in love with this style, right? Country style is a trend and has gained prominence worldwide. These tips will help you build your awesome country look to rock out there!

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