Crib Kit is Dangerous: Understand Why and Why You Should Avoid Using

The crib kit is one of the items that most parents usually buy for the baby's trousseau, because besides being offered as something that guarantees protection, it can also be a decorative item for the room.

However, according to the guidelines of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics and also the American Society of Pediatrics, the cradle kit should not be used. The function is supposed to protect the baby if he turns around and hits the crate or puts arms and legs between the spaces, but the risks may be greater than the protection.

Many mothers, especially first-time mothers, are frightened by the information and have doubts about the subject. Youtuber Shirley Hilgert from Macetes de Mãe channel clarifies some points and lists the main accidents that the kit can cause. Understand:


When the baby is lying down and rolling sideways, still with difficulty, he may lean his face close to the fabric. And, as it has no strength to untap, it ends up standing there and is breathless. In this case, it makes no difference whether the thicker, more upholstered Brazilian model or the thinner American model both offer the same risks.


When the baby can already get to his knees in the crib, or even standing, he can use the kit items to climb, climb, which creates a risk of turning and falling.

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Having accidents with some decorative detail like ribbons and buttons is common. Some stories have already gone viral on the Internet, warning parents of the dangers of getting caught in the wire or swallowing something, especially when there are too many things attached.

For all these factors, medical advice is that there is no accessory inside the crib. The possibility of a small tap on the grid is less dangerous than the risk of falling or suffocation.

There is a kind of crib kit available in the United States (and some stores in Brazil), which is like a leaky screen and is the only one that the American Society of Pediatrics allows for use. As the fabric is a kind of canvas, if the baby touches the face will not suffocate. And how thin and pliable it is if the child can't step on the trampoline.

But in Brazil, pediatricians' guidance is to really use nothing and always follow the guidelines on the distance between crates to ensure the safety of your baby.

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