Cropped pants

If you are part of the women's team that years ago used the Capri pants, will recognize in a new trend the ideal short pants for heat. With a similar modeling to the old model, but with a more modern and updated cut, the cropped pants stands out in this season.

THE cropped pants It is a model of short pants, ankle height and with the bar folded. Hence the English name, cropped.

With the straightest cut, the cropped pants it can come in many designs and types of prints, colors and fabrics ranging from tailor-made models, light as satin, to the coolest with details and applications. It's all about the summer season, because her ankle-style style shows her the look of a fresher look.

THE cropped pants It suits all styles, body types and all statures, but care must be taken not to make mistakes. Short women who want to adhere to this model should pay close attention not to flatten the silhouette. A tip from how to wear cropped pants is betting on shoes in the same tone, to give the impression of longer legs.

Overweight and wide-hip women should choose cropped pants models wider at the waist, such as boyfriend style and darker colors or in jeans. Already the thinner and taller, should abuse any model without fear. To make the production more funky, fold the bar.

To make this model of pants fit well with shoes, choose lower models like oxford, flats and flat shoes. To match heels, invest in the clogs, ankle boots, espadrilles and heavier sandals.

*EASY* DIY CROPPED PANTS TUTORIAL | Men's Fashion | Daniel Simmons (April 2021)

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