Cross Piercing: Tips, Cautions and Models for Betting

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Piercing is synonymous with style. And for women who want to make the look even more full of attitude, how about betting on cross piercing? The accessories are the most varied and can range from the most discreet to the boldest.

Thinking of adhering to this timeless accessory? Clarify here your doubts, what care is needed, where to buy and 40 images to get inspired!

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40 cross piercing photos to want to pierce the ear already

You can choose the jewelry piercing model that best fits your style, be it more delicate or full of attitude. See inspirations:

1. One thing is fact: transverse piercing oozes style

2. This model in rose gold is delicate and brings an extra charm

3. Even Kylie Jenner has surrendered to cross piercing

4. You can match the piercing with the earring you want

5. The arrow-ring combo was superclean!

6. You can also wear it all together: various piercings and earrings

7. Piercing makes up a more radical style

8. The shape and type of jewelry is very varied.

9. The arrowhead is one of the most famous

10. This flower-shaped jewel is for those who prefer something more feminine

11. But there are other unconventional models

12. Beat that doubt when choosing

13. The pieces can be more colorful and fun

14. You can make multiple combinations.

15. Accessories with the same material are charming!

16. Have you ever seen an iridescent piece?

17. This star is very delicate

18. An ear crafted with several different pieces

19. A daith piercing and cross piercing to match smaller ones

20. A union of delicacy and style

21. Does it all start with just one hole?

22. Piercing is a way of no return

23. The arrow is a unisex piece

24. Black cross piercing is a very basic model

25. How about this one with the infinity symbol?

26. A gem for those who like mystic symbols

27. This delicate piece is plated with gold and zirconia.

28. Choose a model that shows your personality

29. Women can also use transverse with reamer

30. And add to the transverse and the reamer a tragus piercing

31. You can dare in choosing!

32. Transverse piercing can have other shapes

33. For the most romantic, have this model with a heart

34. Surgical steel piercing is indicated for those who will drill the first hole

35. Another very delicate inspiration

36. The delicacy of the lace with the touch of spike attitude

37. After the first hole you will want to make many more!

38. A point of light in the ear

39. This model is so delicate that it is chic

40. Invest in good pieces and have a look beyond stylish!

So, already thinking about what will be the next hole?

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Opinions and tips from those who have already had the cross piercing

We know that before piercing the ear or any other region hits that little medinho, but for you to get ready, here is how the hole is made and some tips from those who have gone through it!

All about cross piercing

Body piercer Nicholas Pandolfi explains what transverse piercing is, what basic and breakdown care shows how one is placed.

What They Don't Tell You About Ear Piercing

Before piercing the ear? especially if you are thinking about making your first hole? watch this video and find out some situations that ear piercing will go through and how to get out of it.

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Transverse piercing in less than 1 minute

Creating the courage to get your pierced? See in just a minute how the procedure is done and get ready for your hole.

Put the fear aside, choose a good professional and feel beautiful with your new look!

Frequently Asked Questions About Transverse Piercing

Does transverse piercing hurt? What are the necessary precautions after drilling the hole? Who answers these questions is the piercer Andre Fernandes, from Millennium Piercing, a store specializing in high quality body piercing and jewelry.

1. Is cross piercing dangerous?

According to Andre, not only transverse piercing but any other type of piercing can be dangerous if placed by someone inexperienced. Another care that should be taken is regarding the anatomy of the ear, which makes not everyone can make this type of hole. Therefore, the most important thing is to look for a suitable and reliable place to put the piercing.

2. Does it hurt to put on?

Perhaps this is the question that most troubles those who want to place the transverse piercing, especially if this is the first hole.But according to Andre, if the procedure is performed with the right material and the right technique, the pain is minimal.

3. How long does the transverse piercing heal?

The healing of a piercing with a correct titanium jewelry can take four to six months.

4. What precautions should I take with this type of piercing?

To avoid infections, Andre lists some simple but necessary precautions: hygiene is critical, so don't touch piercing with dirty hands. Wash twice a day with mild soap and moisturize the region with saline also twice a day.

Stay tuned for this care and confidently parade your cross piercing out there!

6 cross piercing models for you to buy

Find out where to buy transverse piercing without leaving home!


  1. Half Moon Piercing with Zirconias, Chic Style Accessories
  2. 2

  3. Cross Piercing Dreamcatcher at Tribal Piercings & Reamers
  4. 3

  5. Cross Arrow Piercing, Tribal Piercing & Reaming
  6. 4

  7. Spiral Piercing, at Gaia Body Art
  8. 5

  9. Basic Surgical Acid Piercing at Gaia Body Art
  10. 6

  11. Piercing Barbell at Millennium Piercing
  12. Get inspired by our tips and put your favorite accessory in the cart.

    Find out what your style is and bet on this timeless and attitude-filled accessory!

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