Curly Hair With Lights: 60 Ideas In This Amazing Style

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The curly hair with lights has been gaining more and more the streets, the catwalks and the social networks. More and more women are leaving the progressive brush aside and taking on beautiful, personality-filled curls.

That way, the light options for curly hair are growing and surprising. For those who want to make this change but still don't know which light shade to choose, we have selected 60 beautiful inspirations of light curls. Come on?

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  • Curly Hair with Honey Lights
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  • Curly Hair with Platinum Lights
  • Curly Hair with Golden Lights
  • Curly Hair with Short Lights
  • Curly Hair with Lights: Care

Curly Hair with Honey Lights

The brown or honey lights make your hair beautiful and have a very sweet and charming tone to your hair and look.

1. Curly hair with honey lights translates romanticism and charm to your style

2. And suits all looks

3. Lights illuminate your look and highlight your wires

4. Regardless of the length of your hair, the result will be impressive.

5. In this look, the eyeglass frame matched the lights amazingly

6. Honey lights match your high spirits

7. And make any hair even more beautiful

8. Moreover, it damages your hair very little

9. Always getting you ready for any occasion

10. With mega-empowered and light curls

11. The megademocratic color is perfect on any skin tone

12. And in all styles

13. Curly Hair with Honey Lights Will Offer You Amazing Versatility

14. And flawless hair!

These lights are the least damaging to your hair because they are a less invasive color. Either way, it is ideal to always keep a hydration schedule for your curls.

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Curly Hair with Blonde Lights

The blonde lights are made for those who want to dare in a brighter and brighter tone. They make your hair and look full of personality and boldness.

15. Curly Blonde Hair Has Passionate Energy

16. In addition to being extremely powerful

17. Hair Tip Lights Are Less Invasive

18. But they make your hair look amazing

19. The blonde looks perfect in any style and fits any occasion

20. You can abuse your hair length to brighten up your look

21. The energy and boldness of this color will delight you

22. Whether in short hair or long hair

23. Lights soften your face, highlighting your features

24. And make you ready for everything

25. And so they will stay in the heads of women of all ages for a long time.

26. Still have a question about that?

The blonde lights will make your whole look even more beautiful. A democratic tone that suits any occasion.

Curly Hair with Platinum Lights

Platinum lights are for the bravest who want to innovate. They require more time and require more care when hydrating.

27. If You Have the Courage to Face a Big Change

28. Platinum lights are the ideal choice

29. You can choose to do the tips only in a safer way.

30. Or venture into lights across the full length of your hair

31. Whether your hair is short or long

32. Platinum lights will boost any look

33. Bold, empowered, innovative and full of energy, this color will conquer you

34. Color can also be sweet and charming in a very versatile way

35. You'll fall in love with the vitality of color, but don't forget to keep your hair always hydrated.

36. That way you guarantee stunning beauty and shine.

37. Play on the platinum!

Platinum lights are the ones that need the most care after dyeing. However, they are also the ones who most love those who adhere to the color beyond energetic.

Curly Hair with Golden Lights

Golden lights, like blonde lights, have great energy and emanate personality. You will be impressed with the result.

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38. Golden lights are considered a brighter version of the blonde.

39. The golden blonde transmits incredible energy

40. And it will brighten any look

41. You can choose to do the procedure only at the tips.

42. Less invasive, tip-only procedure conserves the length of your hair

43. Also ideal for testing and unsure of visual change

44. Over time, you may get more of the length

45. And let your empowered curls from root to tip

46. ​​With that long-tending tone

47. And that has everything to continue to be for some good years

48. The golden lights are a spectacle apart

49. Suitable for all ages

50. The color that is a chameleon will adapt to the various occasions you need.

Bright and devastating as gold, the golden lights will make you fall in love. Also be careful with your hair after discoloration and always make a hair schedule to keep it shiny and healthy.

Curly Hair with Short Lights

Shorter curly hair can also venture into this trend. The lights complement your look, making everything perfect.

51. Short hair also gives a side show with blonde lights

52. In the most romantic looks, the short blonde brings great charm

53. Regardless of hair length, the lights fit perfectly

54. The versatility of short hair matches the versatility of blonde lights.

55. And both match any look

56. Be stripped down, classic, romantic or urban

57. The blonde lights are custom made for you

58. Regardless of the season

59. The light and the power of the blonde lights will fall perfectly fine.

60. To make you even more empowered and enlightened

The short hair is charming and romantic, and the lights make the cut even more beautiful. The lights are perfect in any style and any hair size.

Curly Hair with Lights: Care

No matter how dark the lights you choose, they will always do a little damage to your hair. This is because it is necessary to subject the wires to a discoloration process. With that in mind, we've brought you some care tips for your light curls:

How to recover curls after discoloration

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Discoloring the strands to make lights can make your curls differently shaped. With that in mind, Mayse Cavalcante of My Curly World channel teaches precious tips to recover your hair.

The most common doubts when discoloring curls

In this video, Bruna Ramos answers the main questions about curly and discolored hair! It's worth checking before you make a drastic change.

Discoloration process

Rayza Nicácio made a big change in her locks, entering the world of light in her curly hair. In this video, she shows how the process went and gives tips on how to match the tone chosen for the lights with the tone of the skin. It's worth watching!

Curly hair with lights: pre and post discoloration care

We all know how important it is to prepare your hair before bleaching and moisturize it after the process. In this video, Julia Martins teaches the basics of pre and post bleaching care for light and bleached hair.

Care Routine + Advantages and Disadvantages

A good care routine for your locks after discoloration is essential. Suzane Camila points out the main cares after the change and also lists some advantages and disadvantages of light curly hair.

Following a hair schedule and keeping your curls always hydrated, there is no mistake: your hair will stand out in the crowd with beauty and shine. The important thing is to feel beautiful and comfortable with your new look and always look for a reliable hairdresser when in doubt.

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