Curly Haircuts: 120 photos to look powerful


A haircut makes a total difference in the look, showing a bit of our identity and style as well. But you can't always find inspirations for curly hair cuts, so we've selected 110 photos, from shaved to long and bulky, to choose one that suits you.

If you are thinking of a new look, with full hair and a lot of attitude, check out our list and choose one that demonstrates your personality!

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Short Curly Haircuts

Short curly hair is ideal for those looking for an easy-to-maintain cut. There are several options in chin height and inspirations for the most radical, almost shaved. See some original ideas and get inspired!

1. There are several short hair cutting possibilities

2. And they are super practical

3. In addition to being powerful and stylish

4. Short curly hair yields original hairstyles

5. You can choose a gradient

6. Or one full of volume

7. Tapered cut is a trend in beauty salons

8. Just make the sides shorter

9. A charm, isn't it?

10. And short hair doesn't make you any less feminine

11. This inspiration is proof of that!

12. There are ideas for those who prefer a discreet look

13. And for those who love a bold look

14. Can You Maintain Your Hair's Natural Color?

15. Or how about a redhead?

16. For a complete makeover, go blonde!

17. You can choose a shaved cut for less work

18. Or rock with a massive platinum

19. And it's okay to just make the dots clearer

20. The result is full of attitude.

21. You can opt for a traditional straight cut

22. Or dare with a discolored mohawk

23. Women's Afro Short Haircuts are Great for Transitioners

24. If you don't give up the bang, that inspiration is for you.

25. Chanel cutting is not limited to straight wires

26. And why not bet on blowout?

27. This technique gives even more volume to the hair.

28. Natural curly hair is beautiful already

29. And with additional cornrows it gets even more devastating

30. And the short cut suits any age

31. Does the style of delicate

32. Adds sophistication to the stylish

33. And it matches the artistic and stylish

34. You can show your cultural identity through a neat design.

35. Letting baby hair show is a charm

36. Short hair highlights accessories

37. Investing in Big Earrings Makes All the Difference in Production

38. Is a cut more beautiful than the other

39. And you, do you have the courage to change?

There are bold inspirations to inspire a complete transformation, such as the faded mohawk and the almost shaved mohawk. And if you already have short hair but want to innovate the look, you have a lot of new ideas for you to ask at the salon.

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Medium Curly Haircuts

The medium hair is democratic, shoulder length and yields the most diverse cuts and hairstyles. If you're a modern team you can invest in a long bob, but there are also classic timeless cuts like black power. Check out:

40. Medium shoulder-length cut is super-versatile

41. The long bob, with the longest spikes, is a bet of that length.

42. You can choose a hair with bangs

43. They are modern

44. Or take inspiration from a 70's style cut

45. After all, black power is a symbol of social movements.

46. ​​And represents the black resistance

47. You can opt for a discrete cut

48. Or for a massive beeeeem

49. Bangs can result in stripped-down hair

50. Or a cut beyond elegant

51. The Mohicans Are Authentic

52. Making hair sides shorter makes all the difference

53. And yields stunning hairstyles

54. Powerful hair highlights the look

55. To make it even more spectacular, you can wear a beret

56. Or split the hair in half

57. Letting the whole volume up is an original bet.

58. You can leave the dots frayed

59. Or bet on a layered cut

60. This cut is modern, and very current!

61. Can You Keep Your Hair Natural?

62. Or bet on red color

63. Stylish, isn't it?

64. Or, how about switching to a blonde tone?

65. There are options in caramel blond

66. Yellowed?

67. Platinum

68. And even grayish, superoriginal

69Medium curly haircut is practical for everyday

70. And yields powerful visuals for special events.

71. While some cuts are already known and worshiped

72. There are other differences for those who are tired of conventional hairstyles.

73. Medium length matches mature and elegant

74. And with the younger ones too

75. Inspirations abound

76. And there are versatile cuts for everyone to identify with.

Did you fall in love with one of them? It is more beautiful than the other! Keeping your hair natural is less work when it comes to taking care of your locks, but colored hair is a stylish and powerful bet!

Cuts for long curly hair

And if you do not give up the long locks and a hair that highlights any production, check out the inspirations:

77. The long cut is for a big hair lover

78. And full of volume

79. You can choose a layer cut

80. With bangs

81. Colorful

82. Blonde

83. Or platinum

84. All these possibilities without losing the pose

85. There are straight cuts for the classic

86. And the long bob for the modernies

87. This cut is a scorch

88. Keeping dark hair is pure power

89. To give the cut movement, you can invest in lighter strands.

90. And it's okay to just discolor the dots

91. You can choose a long cut just below the shoulders

92. Or keep a long, envious haircut

93. These Cuts Render Stylish Hairstyles

94. Matches the style of the delicate

95. From contemporary fashionistas

96. And with the discrete too

97. The important thing is to feel powerful with your hair.

98. May be in its natural hue

99. In a light brown, to make a difference

100. Red, full of charm and volume

101. Or even in lighter shades

102. Beyonce proves that this hair is pure power!

103. The bangs left this authentic cut

104. But cuts without bangs are also devastating

105. So many cuts for you to choose one that fits your style

106. Can be layered

107. Or with the frayed ends

108. The texture and shades of this hair are original.

109. What counts is taking over your hair

110. And feel powerful with a stunning look!

To keep long hair healthy, invest in moisturizing and moisturizing. So your hair will always be nourished and shiny!

Inspirations for curly hair cuts abound, and as you have seen, the ideas are original and part of a powerful look. And you already have a special to order in the salon and show all your style and personality?

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