Cuticle Exfoliating Gel

To have clean nails, they need to be always well done and receive some care. But in addition to sanding and nail polishing, cuticles also deserve attention.

How do cuticles have the function of protecting nails from disease-causing bacteria, it is not advisable to remove them at all times. The ideal is to remove only the excess and push the rest with the help of a spatula.

At cuticles They also need hydration, otherwise they get ugly. And then there is no point in choosing the most beautiful nail polish color, they will continue to appear.

To solve this problem, there are several cuticle products. Most of them have nourishing properties that treat the skin, moisturize and soften the cuticles. New to these products is the cuticle exfoliating gel, which eliminates dead cells, helps revitalize appearance and prevents them from drying out.

The product contains natural micro-grains with exfoliating action, moisturizers and nutrients that provide protection and stimulate cuticle cell regeneration. O cuticle exfoliating gel It comes in bottles similar to those of nail polish and its application is very practical.

Unfortunately the news has not yet come to Brazil, but if you are the type who can not wait to try these products that seem to be miraculous, you have two options. The first is to look for the cuticle exfoliating gel on foreign websites and the other, test a homemade recipe that has similar results.

O homemade cuticle exfoliating gel It is made with a teaspoon of sugar, a few drops of cuticle softener. The gel version of the softener works best.

Mix ingredients well to a paste and apply on nails, massaging in a circular direction. Rinse well. At cuticles they are softer, without that dry appearance with raised little points.

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