Cuticles: To take or not to take?

Remove or not remove cuticles It is a question that generates doubt among women. The most common habit is to use the pliers and remove all that thin skin that insists on growing around the nails and bothering to apply the nail polish.

However, it is important to know that cuticles They are not there for nothing. They have the function of sticking to nails and protecting against disease-causing bacteria. It is therefore not advisable to remove them at all times.

Knowing this, many women are changing their habits and now do their nails without completely removing the cuticles. It is a way of combining beauty and health, so it has become a preference.

To remove cuticles, the skin is exposed to chemical penetration as well as bacteria and viruses that can cause mycosis, infections and even damage to nail growth.

Therefore, it is ideal to remove only the excess and push the rest with a spatula. One tip is to do this every day after the shower when they are "soft".

In addition, cuticles need to be well hydrated. If they are dry, there is no nail polish that can make your nails beautiful. To solve this problem, there are several cuticle products. Most of them have nourishing properties that treat the skin, moisturize and soften the cuticles.

Follow the tips and be jealous.


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