D proof products? Water

Maintaining flawless makeup on hot summer or humid days seems a daunting task, but not impossible. To make sure that the makeup finish will make your skin look much longer, it is best to bet on waterproof cosmetics.

In addition to providing independent climate protection, waterproof products It has the advantage of lasting longer on the skin. This is the case with sunscreen for the face and lips, which are indispensable even on cloudy days.

The eyes suffer the most from products that are not d proof? Water, because at any moment make can blur and detonate the look.

To prevent makeup from spoiling, bet on eyeliner, eyeliner and eyelash mask for waterproof versions. They are good fixation products that stay in the eyes for much longer.

O waterproof lipstick It's great for those who love summer looks with more discreet shadow and attention-grabbing mouth. The great advantage is that the product does not drip on the lips, does not look sticky and still lasts for up to eight hours on the lips, without needing touches throughout the day.

Use with moderation

To have flawless skin for much longer without melting on hot summer days or in wetter weather, the tip is to use the right products in the right amount without exaggeration.

It is not because the product is long lasting that you have to keep it on your skin for hours, maybe days. The waterproof products, especially makeup, have good fixation and do not come off the skin as easily, but need to be removed from the skin like conventional versions.

For remove waterproof makeup from faceThe correct thing is to use the makeup remover first, only then do a deep cleansing with mild soap and ensure that the product is completely eliminated from the skin.

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