Date or be single?

You are in doubt whether dating is good for you or not? Check out the positives and negatives of whether or not you are in a relationship to make your decision easier.

I choose: to be single!

Pros of Single Life

THE single life It's quite free, say. You can choose when to go out, who to go out with, what to do, what to dine on? you choose everything!

Another positive aspect of being single is that you don't have to explain yourself or your satisfaction to anyone, let alone suffer from excessive jealousy.

Still, singles usually have more time to devote to themselves, while dating people end up having to share their time with someone else.

Cons of single life

One of the main cons of being single is that you can be very lonely. When you're needy on Saturday night and no friends of yours are available, you'll probably think a boyfriend is missing right now.

Other negative point of single life can't you do? couple things? and celebrate Valentine's Day. Not to mention that especially this date can end up becoming torture.

Another drawback to being single is that when you're not dating a lot of people are asking you inconvenient questions like When will you disentangle? When are you going to get a boyfriend ?? And that can be really very annoying.

I choose: dating!

Pros of committed life

The good thing about having a boyfriend is that you have someone on your side to share the moments with? both the good and the bad. If you are needy you can count on him, if you are happy you can tell him and when you need some help you can also turn to your partner.

Besides that, flirt It gives people the unique opportunity to experience different times that single people can't. Not only can a couple date, but in the future they can come together and live together or even get married and have children and that means happiness for many people.

Cons of life of repurchase

One of the hardest parts of dating someone is having to live with the differences between you and him. Another point that can bother couples is jealousy? Having to explain where you are going and who you are going with can make a lot of people angry.

Also, sometimes you may miss legal opportunities and stop doing things you like because they don't want to or can't be with you. But remember that these are the choices you make.

In the end, you must listen to your heart. It is believed that dating is good for you, dive right into it. But if you think it's not time yet, enjoy the moment a little longer.

After all, what is good for some may not be for others and the only person who can know what really makes you happy is yourself. So don't worry if it's hard to decide. Follow your heart and in time you will know which way to go.

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