Decorated bottles: 100 photos and tutorials to decorate any environment

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Decorated bottles are a great way to reuse and recycle with crafts. Moreover, they can be very useful in your daily life, as they are versatile pieces and with various possibilities of ornaments and decoration. They serve both to decorate home, business or office environments, and even events. They are also great options for gifting or selling.

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100 bottles decorated to inspire you

To make a decorated bottle, just unleash your creativity and choose the best option for your purpose. Here are some tips, designs and bottle styles of different colors, sizes and types of ornaments:

1. Bottle decorated with thread for a simple and harmonious decoration

2. Matching big and smaller bottles in the same style looks great

3. How about some super creative phrases to adorn the bottle?

4. Wonderful set of bottles decorated with ink

5. Lines make a modern and elegant style

6. Great idea for kids' party centerpiece: bottle with paint and glue

7. Decorated bottles can make the atmosphere happier and more relaxed.

8. And they can also customize your party with style

9. You can also decorate with themes and characters.

10. And decorate your party in an easy and economical way

11. Combining sisal wire with paint gives a rustic and funky effect

12. Delicate decorations with simple strokes and neutral colors: perfect!

13. Applications are great for finishing decorated bottles

14. Like this super chic bottle with rhinestones and shiny twine

15. Unicorn decorated bottle: cute and simple

16. Painting enables unique and personalized ornaments

17. To please different styles and tastes

18. And you can decorate your home, gift or sell

19. Decorated bottles make great table center balloon holders

20. How about making a cool lamp with clear bottle?

21. Dare in the phrases to decorate your bottle

22. Inspirational phrases are perfect for decorating your environment.

23. Glass bottles are excellent for writing-only decoration

24. Decoupage and painting to form a beautiful flower vase

25. Bottle decorated with glitter to decorate your home for Christmas

26. You can also use bottles to decorate a romantic setting.

27. Super useful idea: bottle with blackboard ink as bookmarker

28. Another Christmas decorated bottle option made with lines and ribbons

29. When the simple delights: black bottle with tiffany blue string

30. Bottle decorated with pearls for those who love a delicate style

31. Elegance and sophistication in these copper spray painted bottles

32. Rainbow to brighten up the environment

33. Chalkboard-painted bottles are perfect for customizing on occasion

34. Another option for those who like the shades of pink: bottle decorated with twine

35. Christmas bottle made with twine, fabric and buttons

36. Beautiful flower vase composition with decorated bottle

37. Bows are perfect applications for a delicate finish.

38. Supercreative Idea: Bottle Decorated as Lamp

39. Golden decorated bottle: great choice for flower vase

40. For weddings: golden bottle with lace and pearls

41. Character bottles are super fun

42. Buttons, bows and hats to give your bottle personality

43. The combination of black and gold is great for those who want elegance.

44. Glitter EVA Decorated Bottles for Flower Mini or Centerpiece

45. Luxurious model with stones to adorn a golden bottle

46. ​​If you prefer your crystal or silver bottle, this is a great option.

47. Sea shells can also become a beautiful ornament

48. Simple and romantic model with sea shell and pearls

49. Wonderful rustic set with sisal rope and rhinestones

50. Pearls look beautiful in both the painted and the transparent bottle

51. You can also cover an entire bottle using pearls

52. Decorated bottle idea for New Year's Eve: rhinestone applications

53. Combining rhinestones and pearls in the transparent bottle also makes it super-accurate.

54. Inspiration of classic decoration with flowers and stones

55. Another super-stylish model with clear bottle applications

56. To decorate with style: golden and yellow bottles

57. Simple and chic decorated bottle with light spots

58. Coconut milk bottle decorated with stones

59. Beautiful table centerpiece with decorated EVA bottle

60. Decorated bottles are great to represent your style.

61. They fill the environment and can be very useful.

62. How can this decorated bottle be used as a safe

63. Bottle decorated to give a soccer team fan a gift

64. What you can do according to one's taste

65Bottles decorated with decoupage and fabric flower

66. And this bottle decorated with watermelon theme? Super creative!

67. You can also decorate your bottle with biscuit.

68. If you like landscape painting, this model is ideal for unleashing your creativity.

69. That bottle to surprise with a simple character decoration

70. Many colors and vibrations in these easy-to-make decorated bottles

71. Simple and beautiful decoration with pink and blue embossed glue

72. Inspiration from bottles decorated with lace and biscuit flowers

73. Bottle decorated with pearls and golden spray to finish

74. Glazing and a metallic paint give a wonderful effect.

75. Super creative idea for a rustic bottle of dried wheat

76. The possibilities of painting decoration are diverse

77. There are so many colors and shapes for you to have fun doing

78. A simple decorated bottle makes all the difference in the environment.

79. Bottle decorated with collage of shredded laminated paper: great idea for parties

80. Combine string with paint for a spectacular result

81. Decorated Bottle Option for Baby Shower

82. Deck-inspired decor inspiration, ideal for a game room

83. Fun bottles are perfect for decorating parties and recreational environments.

84. This paper and string decoration is also great for parties

85. Cleaner option with raw string and paper flowers

86. Doilies are a handy way to decorate your bottle.

87. Glazing + black and white make a nice combination

88. Rustic and stripped jute and sisal model

89. How about combining black, gold and rhinestones for sophisticated production?

90. Interesting dark decorated bottle idea with white strokes

91. Contrasting white strokes on the black background is a simple and modern option.

92. Decorative ribbons are great for embellishing in a practical and beautiful way.

93. White and silver for a clean, sparkling bottle

94. Wonderful Table Center Inspiration with String Decorated Bottle

95. Can you believe this decorated bottle was made with eggshell? Amazing effect

96. Mandalas for wonderful decoration with few materials

97. Putting elements into the bottle is also a way of decorating

98. Easy string decoration for your party

99. Bottles decorated for Easter with fabric

100. Beautiful minimalist model with painting and collage.

Some decorated bottles are more practical and use less materials to make, others require more time and detail. The important thing is that it pleases you or the person who will buy or receive. Learn how to make some types of decorated bottles and get inspired to make yours.

Decorated bottles: step by step

Whether easy or more elaborate models, what matters is trying to use creativity to reuse the piece by creating a beautiful decorated bottle. See step by step and amazing ideas to help you make your decorated bottle:

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Bottles decorated with glitter

This decorated bottle model is practical and easy to make. You will need white glue, glitter of your own color, masking tape and spray varnish. The bottle used in the video is medium in size, but you can use the same technique to decorate any bottle size.

How to cap bladder bottle

If you are looking for an economical and practical option, the bladder decorated bottle is the best alternative. You can choose the bladder that has the color and / or pattern you prefer, and then carefully put it in the bottle. Ideally, the bottle should not be too large for the bladder to fit perfectly.

Bottle decorated with lace and pearls

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For a classic and romantic production, this model of transparent glass bottle with lace and pearls is perfect. This decorated bottle is full of details and the pearl makes a wonderful finish, especially the lid.

Bottle decorated with jute

In this tutorial, Tina Leon shows in detail the step by step to make a rustic bottle with jute, lace and sisal cord. The effect is amazing and is easier to do than it sounds. The bottle of choice was a square-shaped glass with rounded corners, but you can make any of this same style that will give you a certainty.

Bottle decorated with neon wire and chatons

How about an all colored bottle made with neon wire? In the video, Renata Lima shows how to wrap the neon silk thread around the entire bottle, creating a very interesting effect. The brightness of the chaton makes all the difference in the finish.

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How to make golden decorated bottles

Here's how to make super-modern gold-spray decorated bottles with enchanting details that form a beautiful set for decorating parties or parties. Cris Laila teaches 5 different models for you to learn and have fun doing.

Recycling by making art is always a lot of fun. Choose your favorite decorated bottle and get to work. Gather some materials and create your own decorating style, whether for decorating environments, events, selling or gifting.

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