Diet and exercise to prevent osteoporosis

Prevention is the key word for good health. And with osteoporosis It is no different, the disease causes weakening of the bones and consequently fractures become more frequent. Literally speaking, osteoporosis means porous bone, which suffers from lack of bone mass. The disease affects more women than men, especially those over 60 who have already reached menopause. Decreased production of some hormones contributes to the weakening of bones.

But preventing yourself early can be a good solution against evil. A balanced diet combined with a routine of physical activity are two powerful weapons against osteoporosis.

Acquaterapia (SP) physiotherapist Mariana Maia Vasconcelos explains that bone mass is directly linked to the action of muscles on the bone and therefore indicates that the person has a daily exercise routine. Bodybuilding develops and maintains muscle and bone structure and is therefore the most appropriate exercise against the disease. An ideal program of physical activity should also have low impact aerobic exercise ?, explains.

The physiotherapist of the same clinic, Leandro Gomes Pistori recommends that physical activity be performed regularly at least three times a week. Do exercises have significant importance in both prevention as in the treatment of osteoporosis. Studies have shown that after 6 months of regular physical activity, there is already a significant gain in bone mass ?, explains. But it is very important to undergo a medical evaluation before beginning any training.

Prevention on the plate

Another form of prevent osteoporosis and gain bone mass is through food. But it is wrong to think that only our daily milk is enough to absorb the calcium needed by the body. The nutritionist Juliana Menezes explains that besides the calcium, a D vitaminMagnesium, zinc, copper and boron also play a major role in our bodies to maintain good bone health.

"It is very important to consume foods that are sources of calcium, but without vitamin D in the body calcium is simply not absorbed and the body suffers from deficiency of this important substance," adds the nutritionist. To be effective in preventing disease, the consumption of these substances must be daily. But which foods are sources of these nutrients? The nutritionist indicates which foods provide the substances your body needs to prevent osteoporosis:

  • Calcium: consume dark green vegetables such as kale and broccoli; in addition to milk and dairy products and other foods such as almonds, quinoa and chia seed;
  • D vitamin: present in egg yolk, liver, sardines, tuna, fish with higher amounts of fat. Vitamin D can also be obtained with sun exposure;
  • Magnesium: consume dark green leaves such as kale and watercress; and oilseeds, such as almonds and nuts;
  • Zinc: it is present in beef, fish, poultry, milk and dairy products, oysters, shellfish, cereals, nuts and beans;
  • Copper: consume liver, nuts, pulses, cereals, nuts, poultry and shellfish;
  • Boron: It is present in cabbage, lettuce, peas, apple, black plum, raisin, almonds and peanuts.

But there are also foods that are true villains and can put your bone health at risk. It is phosphorus-rich foods such as soda, caffeine and excess salt that impair the body's absorption of calcium. "A high protein diet can also be harmful, because in excess it contributes to the excretion of calcium by the body", concludes the professional.

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