Diet perfume is launched in England

For most of us, losing weight for the summer means a calorie count and lots of exercise. But if you left it all alone when it's near summer, Diet Slimming Perfume can help. According to the fragrance makers, which cost around 25 pounds in England, the algae fragrance is also an ally for decreasing appetite, improving mood and even speeding up metabolism.

As bizarre as it may seem, the Diet Slimming Perfume is not the first of its kind. Last year, the French company Veids launched "Prends Moi", which announced "slimming with pleasure". According to Veids, the slimming scent formulated with caffeine, caritine and spirulina extract helps in weight loss.

In addition, studies of women who did not diet between 18 and 70 years revealed that three quarters felt that the perfume limited their need to eat, while 73% enjoyed using it.

Vee Koppelman, founder of VZ Hair and Glamor website said:? Diet Slimming Perfume is a fantastic new product for those who do diets, and for those who wish to lose a few pounds before the beach or at a summer wedding. It's completely natural and the benefits it offers are incredible, from improving circulation and boosting the immune system, to providing a natural antioxidant that detoxifies the body.

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